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Advertising calls: watch out for these spam numbers - list from January 2020

On the Internet, users regularly complain about annoying advertising calls. These calls are often not allowed at all. We'll show you the latest January spam phone numbers and tell you what to do.

Anyone who owns a phone can become a victim of spam calls at any time. People contact them - often on behalf of companies - to propose new contracts to users. Sometimes it is also about competitions, in other cases users should be lured into cost traps.

Users can find out about suspicious phone numbers on various websites such as Tellows or anrufer-evaluation.de. Consumer advice centers and the police also regularly warn of fraudulent calls. Clever Dialer has now published a list of phone numbers that users should be careful of.

Beware of these numbers

Clever Dialer warns of these numbers from Germany. According to the company, these are advertising calls, raffle offers or cost traps.

  • 069870084922
  • 040334633702
  • 07979664723
  • 0451160897600
  • 040334633701
  • 01516020008
  • 08999727961
  • 089215364483
  • 08007244306
  • 040655891950

The numbers were determined by Clever Dialer via their Android app for the period of January. The company cannot say whether they are still active, but it is likely. Users can also view current warnings on the Clever Dialer website.

Clever Dialer is an app for smartphones that users claim to warn of fraudulent calls, among other things. The app has been downloaded over a million times on Google Play and has around 46,000 user reviews.

At the request of t-online.de, Clever Dialer explains that the phone numbers were determined from incoming calls using the app. The app collects anonymized data, Clever Dialer does not collect specific information about users.

Users can report numbers

Users can report suspicious numbers to the Federal Network Agency. The authority can then impose a penalty or block numbers. You can read here how you can report numbers to the Federal Network Agency and what you have to pay attention to

Advertising calls are permitted if users have given the company in question permission to do so. It is not permitted to obtain consent at the beginning of a conversation. There are also so-called phishing calls. This is where fraudsters try to gain access to sensitive user data - such as bank details. In the case of telephone fraud, users receive lock calls and are usually supposed to call back on an expensive 0900 number.

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