Refined carbohydrates cause weight gain

Good and bad carbohydrates

Important energy supplier

Even if some diet advisors propagate this: carbohydratesare not the devil. On the contrary - they provide the body with the energy it needs to live. The nutrient consist of different sugar-Building blocks that are linked together to form chains of different lengths. Flour, for example, consists of long chains of simple sugar Glucose - the most important source of energy for our muscles and the brain. All larger carbohydrate chains such as the multiple sugar starch or the fiber cellulose are only broken down into glucose in the intestine. Therefore, they don't taste sweet either. Only as simple sugars do they then pass into the blood.

Which carbohydrates are healthy?

Quality takes precedence over quantity. The longer the Carbohydrate chains the more sugar the metabolism breaks down. For this he needs more time, which in turn takes the sugar and the Insulin levels increases slowly in the blood. Long-chain carbohydrates keep you full for a long time. These high quality (sometimes called complex) carbohydrates are e.g. B. in full grain contain. Toast, on the other hand, contains white flour with shorter carbohydrate chains. Digested in a flash, they cause a brief flash of energy in the blood. The next hunger is programmed. The same goes for sweets, cakes and soft drinks. They contain no nutrients, but a lot of fat and simple sugars and are therefore considered unhealthy.

Multiple sugars from legumes, vegetables, fruit and whole grain products, on the other hand, reduce the risk for Obesity, cancer, Cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. In addition, the fiber contained in whole grain products stimulates digestion and prevents constipation, hemorrhoids and colon cancer. They also absorb harmful substances in the intestine, which are then excreted. The German Nutrition Society recommends 30 grams Fiber Every day. Since whole grain products contain more of these natural fibers than fruits and vegetables, they should not be missing from the daily menu.