What is a spelled


Spelled grains have no awns, i.e. no extensions on the grains that look like thick hair.

Spelled is a grain and is therefore one of the sweet grasses. It is a subspecies of wheat and is often crossed with it. This is what it is called when the pollen from one plant is brought into the flower of the other plant. Then a plant hybrid emerges, similar to a child with one white and one black parent.

The oldest spelled finds come from Asia, around 5,000 BC. It reached Switzerland from around 1,700 BC. Spelled was mainly grown in the area around the Alps. But the names of German cities such as Dinkelsbühl or Dinkelscherben also show how important spelled is.

It is very difficult to bake spelled bread in the oven. Spelled is therefore often harvested before it is ripe, when it is still green. As green spelled, you can cook soups, green spelled cakes and the like from them or bake them in the frying pan. It can also be made into a type of rice or used to make pasta. Today, spelled is also used more and more in food for babies and children.

  • Coat of arms of Dinkelsbühl with three ears

  • Spelled ears with small flowers

  • Green spelled is spelled that is harvested half-ripe

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