Have you ever been on a speedboat

Understand your group as a fleet!


It is a popular image that is used again and again in management literature and in many advice, consultancy and coaching sessions: the company as a big ship. Corporations and multinational companies often think of themselves as super tankers. Supertankers are difficult to steer. You have braking distances of many kilometers. They have the largest turning circle of any human-controlled machine. Simply put, they are big and they are cumbersome. They are not responsive and not agile. But their size has its advantages: They are stable and assertive. Once they have picked up speed, nothing can stop them.


The captains of the supertankers are the best of their future. They are proud personalities. They only secretly dream of earlier times, when they chased across the sea in small, agile speedboats. Those were the days!


We think: if you see yourself as a tanker captain, then your perspective is wrong. Rather, aren't you a naval admiral? Don't you have some big ships under your flag, all of which are lazily sailing but at best come back with mountains full of gold? If that were the case, then your problem is almost solved!


Because in addition to the large tankers, a decent fleet also includes small speedboats! In order to be able to react to the coming radical market changes, you have to control them!


Our advice is: Give a rule breaker® one of their speedboats in hand! Let him put his team together himself! Let him choose his home port himself. Don't fret if he doesn't choose your port. He has his reasons for it. He thinks his crew wouldn't be fast enough if you always sit in the harbor pub with your crews. He's probably right. You will experience how your rule breaker® picks up speed with your speedboat. He will be brave and aggressive. And quickly out of sight. He will attack the boats of the other fleets. First the small ones, then the medium ones. Maybe one of your fleet will be among them. Don't fret! Look forward to the fact that his ship is getting bigger and bigger, because it is yours! If one day all the small and medium-sized ships tremble with fear of him, then he will want to attack the big ones. "No problem," you say? We believe you will have a problem. Because to attack the other big ships, he needs your biggest ship. He won't ask you. He will board it. He will storm the bridge and set a new course.


We recommend: keep calm! When the time comes, his new course will be good for your largest ship, too. Rule breaker® will show you new ways across the ocean. Then, however, it becomes too boring for him. Let him go!