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Google Photos is like a cloud for your pictures and videos. If you are connected to your Google account on your smartphone, all the pictures and videos you take will be saved in the application. This is very useful to free up space on your smartphone and still keep your photos and always have them with the app. However, you can always download saved content from Google Photos again.

Download individual photos or videos

Smartphone app


Download all files

Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide.

Quick guide: Download all files

  1. Open this link on your PC: Click under "Select the data you want" on "Deselect" .
  2. Now scroll down and select "Google photos". Then click on"Next Step".
  3. Now determine File format and the Archive size. Then click on the button "archivecreate".
  4. Depending on the size, it can now take a few hours for your archive to be created. When it is ready to be downloaded, you will receive one e-mailin which you click "Download archive"Click. After you have downloaded the file, you will usually find it in the" folderDownloads".