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Learn German Persian - farsi be almani

Learn German Persian - farsi be almani

Learn German quickly at home
Would you like to complete your training in Germany?
Do you like German culture and want to learn this amazing language?
Do you have trouble pronouncing words and phrases in German?
Would you like to travel to Germany and have no language barriers?
So they expect to download the German program for a complete reference for learning German easily and quickly without a teacher.
The German and Persian languages ​​are of common European and Indo-European linguistic origin, but differences of several thousand years have separated them. However, learning German is relatively easy for a Persian speaker. If you work hard enough for it.

Education: Learning German is related to your ability to memorize German words and phrases, as German words are very rare.
So you've gathered the most common words, phrases, and sentences in this program as 90% of them are used on a daily basis.
The German language has conversations, daily use, school, work and so on
Learn German in a week: Given the importance of German in this day and age and many people's opinion that it is a complex and difficult language, it will be very easy and simple to learn German in a week.It's fun.
Our program includes all courses, principles and grammar for beginners.

This program contains more than 1000 German-Persian conversations
Street and everyday conversations of the second part
German conversation training for immigrants
almani be farsi
★ Educational Features:

* Ability to use software without internet
* Easy to use app
* This app is preferred for learning German for children

farsi be almani
You can quickly use the following to find the program:
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German lessons for Persian Ashkan
Learn German language level 1-2-3
German on the go
German-Persian dictionary

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