How fast can an electric car go?

In Austria, in addition to the general speed limit of 130 kilometers per hour on the autobahn, on many sections only 100 km / h. From Monday onwards, however, no longer for all motorists: electric cars are then also allowed to drive 130 km / h on these routes - but only locals.

The new regulation comes from the Austrian Immission Control Act, according to which electric cars are now exempt from the so-called "Air 100". Affected are routes in the federal states of Tyrol, Salzburg, Styria, Upper Austria and Carinthia, for a total of 440 kilometers. After all, this corresponds to around twenty percent of the Austrian motorway and expressway network. For environmental reasons, there is a permanent or frequent speed limit of 100 kilometers per hour for cars with internal combustion engines.

However, only pure electric, hydrogen or fuel cell vehicles with Austrian license plates in green letters benefit from the faster journey - no plug-in hybrids. And: The new regulation does not apply to e-car drivers from other countries. This is why German vacationers, for example, cannot look forward to a faster journey despite e-cars, even though they don't pollute the air of the neighboring country any more than locals.

Perhaps this regulation is also an occasion to discuss the unequal treatment of local and foreign drivers, as is the case with the failed German car toll or possibly also the road blocks for holidaymakers in Tyrol.

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