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Full layout control

With Drupal, designers can easily turn unusual ideas into reality. Beginners can choose from a pool of many modern designs and give websites an individual look at the click of a mouse. Knowledge of CSS and HTML is not absolutely necessary for this.

With templates in detail

Drupal does not set any limits. The flexible template system supports all modern technologies and is fit for HTML5. For many designs, it is sufficient to edit the style sheets of the standard templates, which send clear HTML structures to the browser.

Big market

Drupal still offers a lot of leeway for developers of commercial themes. The market is far from saturated and offers good opportunities to build a business model.

Modular system

"There is a module for everything!" There are thousands of extensions that can be easily combined.

Clean API

Drupal is more than a CMS. The core system provides powerful programming interfaces and frameworks for developers. Clearly defined coding standards ensure that all Drupal modules fit into the modular system.

Big community

Questions get an answer quickly via the mailing lists, IRC chats or forums. New ideas are implemented in sprints and on Drupalcons. The Drupal-Initiative e.V. also provides legal support.

Good documentation

The built-in help system is a good first point of contact. The documentation is continuously improved. Drupal developers help each other in the central bug tracker. So the system just keeps getting better.


A free web CMS that just works? Drupal can do everything: from the web business card and private blog to the corporate appearance with online shop and complete intranet solution!


Homepage, blog, picture gallery, forum, wiki? Drupal is ready to use in just a few steps and is easy to expand. Choose from thousands of extensions and hundreds of ready-made designs and put your content online in no time at all!

User friendly

Content can be edited directly from the page. There are hosted versions for beginners. The documentation is extensive and has already been translated into many languages.


There is support from the Drupal community in forums, chats and meetings. In conversation, creative ideas, new extensions and constant improvement arise there.

Fast, flexible solutions

Open source is gaining more and more recognition in the business world. PHP is the quasi-standard for web applications. The system is very solidly based on these two pillars.

In good company

From freelancers to Fortune 500 companies. Together we work towards the goal of continuously improving Drupal. Thanks to the modular structure, complex business processes can also be mapped and different companies benefit from each other.

On a growth path

Among the four most popular content management systems has Drupal to show the greatest growth in the world.
Its market share has almost doubled within two years. At the beginning of 2012 are more than
5 million websites worldwide with Drupal created.

A strong team!

Drupal is very successful in inspiring new people. This is shown by the number of participants at the Drupal events. If you want to know whether the use of Drupal is worthwhile in your company, you will find interesting lectures on this topic at camps and Drupalcons.