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hardware Enter the copyright symbol using a key combination


Looking in vain for a key with the copyright symbol on your keyboard? No wonder, because regardless of whether you have a Windows computer or a Mac: You have to call up the copyright symbol using a key combination.

Copyright symbol via keyboard shortcut in Windows

Entering the copyright symbol on Windows is a bit tricky. You have to use the number block for this. Make sure that it is switched on (indicated by the corresponding light on the keyboard). If necessary, switch the number pad by pressing the [Num]Button on. Then hold the [Old]Key and enter the number combination using the numeric keypad 0169 a. The copyright symbol will now appear.

Here we have put together other useful keyboard shortcuts for Windows for you.

Copyright mark by keyboard shortcut on Mac

On an Apple computer, entering the copyright symbol is easy: just press the key combination [Alt] + [G]!

You can find more useful Mac keyboard shortcuts here.

Copy copyright sign

If you don't always want to press key combinations, you can simply copy the copyright symbol from another source - e.g. here: ©

Automatic creation of the copyright symbol in apps

Some apps and programs offer the option of automatically creating the copyright symbol. What you have to enter for this depends on the program, but in common writing programs such as Word, the character string (c) is automatically formatted as a copyright symbol.