Why should you consider moving in retirement?

Senior removals

Senior moves: looking for an apartment

There are many reasons seniors move. If the current apartment is no longer suitable for senior citizens, a new one must be found. Older people feel lonely very quickly. Especially if you live completely alone. So if you are looking for the perfect apartment for your Seniors move there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Barrier-free access: Even if you are currently still walking well, it can quickly happen that you need a rollator. Therefore, care should be taken to ensure that the new apartment is free of obstacles.
  • Shops: when you go by the location of the apartment you should think about what you would like to have close by. Most importantly, probably having doctors, supermarkets, or bus stops in the immediate vicinity.
  • Kind of apartment: So that you feel comfortable in your environment, there are various options that you can consider. For example, you can live in a senior citizens 'residence or in a senior citizens' shared flat.

Tip: On the Immowelt page you can look specifically for apartments especially for seniors.

Moving with a moving company

Are you wondering whether you should do the move yourself or with the help of a professional moving company? If you do the move yourself, you can definitely save costs. But you shouldn't forget that the to-do list when preparing for a move is often endless. Then why not leave the whole relocation process to the professionals? This may not necessarily save you money, but it does save you time that you can better invest elsewhere. There are companies that do specializes in senior removals are.

We have one below Top 10 List of moving companies that Senior removals perform created.

  1. Friedrich Friedrich GmbH (Griesheim)
  2. Teichmann Umzüge GmbH (Aue)
  3. Rudolf Removals (Hamburg)
  4. Hamburg furniture shipping company Hermann Krosanke (Hamburg)
  5. Schindlauer removals and logistics (Garching-Hochbrück)
  6. Int. Furniture forwarding company Rhenania (Putzbrunn)
  7. Krügel moving logistics (Hamburg)
  8. Ebert removals (Greifswald)
  9. Crystal removals (Velten)
  10. Tower removals (Berlin)

Note: The list is based on customer profiles of various moving companies on Sirelo!

How do you find the right moving company

If you are now wondering how to find out from the many companies which one is right for your move, we can help you with that. On Sirelo you have the option of up to 5 non-binding moving offers by making just one move request. You can then compare the various offers and find suitable moving services for your move.

Preparing to move

We recommend that you always start preparing for your move in good time. So that you don't forget anything, it is helpful to use a checklist.

Senior removals: clearing out

When you've lived in one place for a long time, a lot of things have accumulated. It is therefore important to clear out the apartment before moving. Older people in particular often find it difficult to part with things that have accompanied them throughout their lives. So start early to think about what is important to you and what you would like to take with you into your new home.

It's always a shame to just throw away useful things. Items that you may no longer use could still be useful to other people. Fortunately, there is the possibility to sell or give away things. Caritas or the Red Cross are always happy to receive your donation. If you prefer to sell your things, try different internet platforms, such as Momox.

Senior removals: pack things

You should start packing the moving boxes a few weeks in advance so that the moving day doesn't get too stressful. You certainly need help packing your things, especially if you live alone. Perhaps you are lucky and have hard-working moving helpers in your family or circle of friends who can help you with packing. Fortunately, if not, there are various moving companies available for you to take advantage of. With companies that specialize in senior removals, you can be sure that your belongings will be packed and transported professionally and carefully.

tip: Make sure that the moving boxes are adequately labeled so that unpacking is easier for you.

additional Information

Of course, we understand that it is difficult for seniors to get used to a new environment. Explore It's best to do a little bit of your new one before you move Residential area. Maybe you already have the opportunity to make first contacts or to introduce yourself to your new doctor. Isn't it also reassuring to know in advance where the nearest supermarket or pharmacy is? So it is definitely worth getting to know the new neighborhood. 😉

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