What is humanities and social sciences

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Language, culture, humanities and social sciences

The field of language, culture, humanities and social sciences is very broad and difficult to grasp in an overview.

Most degree programs offer Possible combinations, for example major and minor. These possible combinations differ from university to university.

Sometimes there is also the option of combining parts of several other subjects for the chosen subject and there are also fixed subject connections, which the name of the degree program already indicates, such as B. "Literature-Art-Media" or "Culture and Economy" or "European Studies".

A look at the study schedule or the study and examination regulations of a specific course will tell you which parts of which are included.

You usually study humanities at universities.

Films on the fields of study literature and linguistics

Do you come from the land of poets and thinkers and would like to deal with language and literature? Then check them out German studies at.

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Is English the key to the world for you? English studies and American Studies bring you closer to the language, literature and culture of the English-speaking world - and their differences too.

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This is about the languages ​​that emerged from Latin. French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian can be the subject of your studies individually or in combination. The Romance Studies also brings you closer to the history and culture of the countries in which the respective language is spoken.

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In the Slavic, Baltic and Finno-Ugric studies you deal with the languages ​​and cultures of Eastern Europe. You study one language or several in combination, it depends on the course of study you choose.

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"Classical Philology"doesn't mean anything to you? This is about Latin and Greek and looking back at the past. So if you like ancient cultures, you've come to the right place!

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Linguistics or linguistics deals with the different languages ​​and systematically examines and compares them. Can individual sounds make a difference?

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The languages ​​of Africa, Asia and Central and South America are the subject of courses in the field of "non-European language and cultural studies". You also deal with the different aspects of these current or past cultures.

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Films on humanities fields of study

In the philosophy you not only deal with the historical greats of philosophy, but also learn yourself to think critically, to ask questions and to analyze ideas. For example, how do language and reality differ? That is one of the many questions.

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How did you think, live and work in the past? What can one infer from the written or material sources and how does this relate to life today? In the history do you deal with contemporary history as well as with earlier epochs. Are you interested in all of them, or do you want to set a focus?

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In the Catholic theology do you deal with faith, church and society. You look at religion from different perspectives and also deal with other religions.

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Even in the Protestant theology you deal with the Christian faith from different perspectives and compare it to other religions.

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In the Islamic Studies it's about religion and society, about the Koran and the prophets. You look at Islam from different angles and compare it with other religions.

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How do you manage, store and transmit data intelligently so that everyone can access it? Structure and order should suit you if you are in the Library science see your future.

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Films on social and cultural studies fields of study

This is about the coexistence of people in a society and what patterns can be found in it. You will get to know research methods that help determine which influences have an effect on people and society and often look at other disciplines such as politics and economics.

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In the Political science do you deal with the political processes of a country and also between countries. What is a state? How do different political systems differ? You have come to the right place if you are interested in political topics and have a keen exploratory spirit.

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In the Cultural studies it's about different aspects of culture that you learn to observe, describe and compare. So a diverse discipline. Are you interested?

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The pedagogy researches education and upbringing in different life situations. So it can be about early childhood education as well as adult education or intercultural aspects. Companies also need educational concepts. There are many interfaces to other fields of study, such as psychology and sociology.

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As Social workhe * in you advise and support people in difficult situations. You will acquire this knowledge during your studies - both practically and theoretically. In addition to pedagogy and counseling concepts, you also have law, ethics and social sciences. In addition, research methods with which you can analyze social problems.

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In the Regional sciences you deal with the country and its people and with the peculiarities of regions that you also learn to describe. Many courses are interdisciplinary and touch on many different aspects.

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The humanities and social sciences area contains many fields of study. The films give you a glimpse into some of them. However, each field of study then has many different study options to offer. Do you feel like taking a very specific look at some of the courses now? Here you can find the study program research.

Description of the fields of study