What is a banquet

Professional profile of a banquet manager

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In the hotel industry, a banquet is the department that is specifically responsible for hosting large celebrations, seminars and conferences. The banquet manager is responsible for the entire area, from the development of offers to planning and implementation through to accounting. There are mainly banquet managers in large hotels, otherwise food & beverage managers take care of the tasks that arise.

Banquet managers also take care of the promotion and sale of events.
You design advertising materials and prepare an exact one for specific inquiries
Cost estimate. If an event is booked, the banquet managers provide the appropriate space, inform the kitchen, bar and service and, if necessary, arrange for temporary staff. In cooperation with kitchen and restaurant management, food and drink offers are created. They also organize the desired decoration and technical equipment, such as additional microphones or additional lighting for conferences or seminars.

For events outside the house, banquet managers are responsible for all planning and
Responsible control work: You take care of the transport of personnel, equipment, food and beverages. It is also within the competence of the banquet management that setting the tables or setting up buffets begins in good time. During the event, the orderly process will be ensured and the use of kitchen and serving staff will be coordinated. Banquet managers carry out the final accounts and arrange for all the clean-up work to be properly carried out according to a previously defined personnel deployment plan.