Have you used All on 4

"Most frequently asked questions about All on 4"

What does the All-on-4 concept actually mean?

Allon 4 means that 4 implants are placed in an already or soon toothless jaw. The all-on-4 concept then includes the removal of all remaining bad teeth in a jaw, the simultaneous implantation of normally 4 implants and immediate restoration of an entire jaw with a fixed, non-removable, implant-supported bridge on the same or the next day.

What benefits does this concept have for me as a patient? Why use the all-on-4 concept?

  • No painful pressure points in the mouth thanks to removable, temporary prostheses. All on 4 is based on perfectly fitting, implant-supported and secure dentures. So never get to know a prosthesis, which is certainly a pleasant thing.
  • Better healing after treatment thanks to a fixed, implant-supported restoration.
  • Reduced risk of swellings or other postoperative complications, as there is no need for bone augmentation.
  • Perfect aesthetics and immediate quality of life

Is the All-on-4 concept also an option for me? When does All-on-4 make sense?

  • If you already have an edentulous jaw,
  • When the remaining bad teeth need to be removed and
  • You want a fixed dental restoration.

Is the all-on-4 concept proven and safe?

  • The All-on-4 concept was developed by Paulo Malo over 15 years ago and has been further developed since then.
  • Thousands of patients worldwide have already been successfully cared for using this particularly successful method.
  • Scientific research has shown a success rate of 97%.
  • Dr Jahl has been successfully performing the All-on-4 method in his implant practice in Eggenburg since 2006.

Can the all-on-4 concept always be implemented? When can the all-on-4 concept be carried out?

  • In principle, the all-on-4 concept can always be used. However, there can also be rare cases where you have to notice during the implantation that the bone does not offer enough support for an immediate restoration on the same day. In such a case, the implants are not loaded immediately, but the implants have to be allowed to heal for 2-4 months. A dental prosthesis is always prepared for such cases. The patient always receives teeth, even if it is only a temporary denture.
  • Thanks to patented, new types of implants, we can also carry out an all-on-4 treatment in the event of extreme bone loss and manufacture fixed, implant-supported dentures - even if conventional implants are no longer possible.
  • The main thing to consider is the condition of your upper or lower jaw in terms of bone quality and bone situation. The treatment procedure is individually tailored to your situation.
  • In a detailed consultation, the risk, process, costs and benefits of the All-on-4 method are discussed with you.

What is the time schedule? How long does the whole All-on-4 treatment take?

The pure All-on-4 treatment, without an individual healing phase, can ideally take place in 1 day.
Procedure of the All-on-4 treatment:

  • 1st appointment: personal consultation
    Weighing the Risks and Benefits of All-on-4 Treatment.
  • 2nd appointment: preliminary discussion of the operation
    Explanation of the course of the operation
    Taking a jaw impression
  • 3. Appointment: Operation, can also be carried out with navigation, i.e. without cutting and without sewing.
    Removal of the remaining teeth
    Implantation of the All-on-4 implants
    Manufacture of the immediate restoration
    Adaptation of the immediate restoration based on your personal aesthetic ideas
    Immediate restoration is fixed either on the same day or the next day at the latest
  • 4. Appointment: inspection of the seams and instruction on care
    After approx. 1 week, the sutures are checked and removed, provided they have not been implanted with a template, which is desirable!
    Instruction in the care of your immediate restoration by our trained prophylaxis team

Why is the All-on-4 concept not offered everywhere?

  • A comprehensive, special training at the MaloClinic in Lisbon and a lot of surgical and long-term implantological experience is necessary for this special patient-friendly implantation technique, DDr.Gerald Jahl, as an experienced oral surgeon, has been working very successfully with this system since 2006.
  • A very special type of implant is used, which can also be stably inserted into softer bone.
  • The effort and the processes are very complex and extremely precise planning is required. The timing is very demanding and therefore few practices work with it routinely, because the procedure of a practice on this day is entirely geared towards this one patient.

What are the costs of an All-on-4 supply? Price of an all-on-4 treatment?

"What does it cost me?" That is probably one of the most common questions we are asked. But this is also clear and understandable, because people simply want to know what treatment will cost them effectively and whether that is even an option for them. Incidentally, this special treatment is hardly offered at all in inexpensive Hungarians because this treatment is simply too complex and demanding. This treatment is also very rarely offered in Austria, simply because it is not a normal implant treatment, but requires a lot of knowledge and years of routine. With "All-on-4" the experience and the surgical ability and feeling count, which is why there are only 2 certified competence centers in Austria that specialize in this treatment.

Unfortunately, no health insurance company in Austria, apart from the BVA, will participate financially or pay a subsidy, simply because implants are not a health insurance benefit, which is no longer up-to-date, but is still a sad truth. However, what most patients unfortunately forget or do not take advantage of is to include the treatment costs as an extraordinary burden in the tax equalization. The entire travel costs during a treatment can also be written off, which is an additional financial advantage. In general, it can sometimes make sense for the spouse to pay for the treatment, simply because it can make more sense for tax purposes. It is advisable to talk to your tax advisor here.

Because of our great experience in the context of the initial consultation, and through the exact structuring of the necessary treatment appointments, we can calculate the expected individual costs very precisely and precisely at the beginning.

This means for you:

A particularly attractive and really fair price / performance ratio and an exact treatment cost plan with a fixed price guarantee! You can rely on that, we promise!

Here as a non-binding example a regular and uncomplicated treatment case, as is common in Austria and Germany:

Your costs in phase 1: The removal of the teeth, 4 special premium implants, the necessary intermediate parts on these implants and within 24 hours a fixed, firmly screwed bridge made of special, modern and resilient plastic with normally 10 teeth as a temporary restoration for a minimum of 3 to 4 Months - including diagnostics, planning and all follow-up treatments and x-ray controls.
Per jaw: from 7990 euros

Your costs in phase 2: After 3 to 4 months at the earliest, the production of the final denture with a particularly stable and resistant CAD-CAM milled titanium or zircon framework, usually with 12 teeth, begins. This point in time and the type of execution in terms of material and aesthetics depends on the wishes of the patient and is discussed and planned together. In principle there are 5 types of dentures in terms of aesthetics, quality and materials, and here you can choose. The definitive dentures must be made because a temporary is only a temporary for a few months. And a temporary solution will break sooner or later and visibly wear out and discolor. In addition, the jaw and the gums change in these 4 months and the definitive dentures are then precisely adapted to the new and permanent stable situation. And a temporary solution simply cannot last forever, because the dental technician only has a few hours to manufacture this fixed, screwed and high-quality precious temporary solution.

Most patients opt for a fixed, titanium-reinforced bridge made of special high-quality, modern plastic with individually hand-made aesthetic teeth that match your lip, your mouth, in terms of aesthetics, length, width, shape, inclination, position, color, light reflection and overall appearance , Your skin color and your face, just the way you want it and how you like it.
The cheapest option are prefabricated denture teeth made of plastic on a titanium framework.

These costs in phase 2: from 5600 euros

Please note that this is a rough, non-binding price information for Germany and Austria, which is only used to help you orientate yourself in advance, as it is forbidden in Austria to state your own prices on the Internet or by email . No longer up-to-date, impractical, somehow stupid for patients, but just accepting the law and thus. After a consultation, examination and the necessary 3D X-ray, you will receive information from us as to whether this treatment will be possible for you and you will then receive a treatment cost plan for your special situation.

The final decision about phase 2 does not have to be made at the beginning of the treatment, this decision really has time and is made by you together with the dental technician and Dr. Jahl met after 4 months at the earliest.

I can buy a car there! Yes, but just a car. What does a car actually bring us personally and in terms of health and well-being in the long term? Little. Or a little new kitchen. But what use is the best kitchen for cooking if you are unhappy and can cook well but cannot really eat and enjoy? But this is about your well-being, comfort and your health.

It is clear that All-on-4 is not a cheap treatment. It can't be either. Because good and fast simply cannot also be cheap. Because All-on-4 is really something very special. From a scientific point of view, any fixed treatment is also superior to a cheaper removable treatment in terms of implant prognosis. Therefore this All-on-4 is absolutely worth the money, not to mention the fact that you have to pay for a bone augmentation, as is often necessary with other lengthy concepts, where you would certainly have over 1 year of treatment time, several operations and additional costs. save. It is this special treatment that creates quality of life and comfort in the mouth in a sustainable and rapid manner, and is therefore unique.

In our competence center: one day, one treatment, that's it!

Immediate quality of life and joy instead of long suffering and unhappiness with healing, healing, prostheses, pain and pressure points as with other concepts elsewhere, especially in Hungary, you will certainly be offered cheaper overall. But cheaper is not better! And not at all comparable.

This is our offer to you.

A special treatment with special added value and immediate quality of life!

I've heard of minimally invasive surgery that eliminates the need for a scalpel and suture. Is this also possible with the all-on-4 method?

The All-on-4 method can be carried out in a minimally invasive manner using a surgical template created in advance under the following conditions.

  • Little residual dentition
  • Edentulous jaw

This significantly reduces the scope of the procedure and minimizes the risk of postoperative problems such as swelling or pain. The patients are thrilled!
Additional costs (only expenses!) For this amount to between 1000 and 1500 euros.

What needs to be considered before and after the procedure?

Before the operation, we will inform you in a detailed conversation about the rules of conduct before and after the procedure, possible risks and the need to take certain medications. During this appointment, we will answer any questions you have about the planned treatment. If the procedure is to be performed in twilight sleep or general anesthesia, there will also be a discussion with our anesthetist, Primary Dr Herwig Feik. After the procedure, effective pain relievers and anti-swelling agents will minimize the problems.

In the unlikely event that an implant causes problems, what happens then? / Pain caused by the All-on-4 method implant, what to do?

Should an implant nevertheless cause problems, these will in most cases occur in the months after the implantation, i.e. in the healing phase with the immediate restoration.

The problematic implant is removed and a new implant is inserted after approx. 8 weeks. The treatment costs remain the same for you as a patient and are not increased

I have now decided on an immediate restoration based on this concept. What are the long-term options?

The immediate restoration, which is used as a fixed bridge immediately after the operation, is made of special plastic. This material can have certain disadvantages in the context of long-term care. For this reason, we also offer various options for long-term care, but this is usually only done after 6-12 months:

Fabrication of a fixed bridge with a CAD-CAM titanium metal framework and plastic or ceramic teeth. The use of computer-aided CAD-CAM technology enables high-precision manufacture of a very stable and permanent restoration.

In addition to long-term stability, this type of restoration also meets the highest aesthetic requirements; a ceramic prosthesis can also be made on request.

Your dentist can then do this again, or we can organize cooperating dentists for you if necessary. The costs for the 2nd phase range between 6000 and 8500 euros, the price here depends on the materials and design you have chosen. On request, we can also make the final supply in Eggenburg for you, provided you have not been referred.

Come to us even if you have already been told that fixed dentures would not be possible for you.