What's in Doenerfleisch

Which meat is used for the doner kebab?

Lamb or mutton was originally used for doner kebab, but there are now also variants with poultry, beef and veal in this country. Occasionally these types of meat are mixed. The fat content may not exceed 20 percent in each case. The meat is layered in slices on a grill skewer, whereby the use of minced meat is also permitted, provided that the proportion does not exceed 60 percent. This is stipulated in the "Fixing of the Berlin public opinion for the meat product Dönerkebap" from 1989.

Doner kebab with poultry - which, by the way, you also use for our Dürüm - is very popular in Germany but, strictly speaking, must not be called doner kebab. However, if it is clearly labeled - for example as “chicken doner kebab” - the designation is permitted. However, the use of pork is prohibited. These products must be clearly delimited by name and are then called, for example, “kebab-style grill skewer”.

The kebab meat is marinated and then layered on a skewer in slices. A slice of lean and a slice of fatter meat is skewered alternately. The fatter meat usually comes from the cross or prime rib. You can put minced meat between these slices.

The meat skewer is placed upright in front of a hot grill plate and usually rotates automatically so that the outer edges of the meat are grilled. These are scraped off with a large knife or another tool and served in flatbread or on a plate with salad and sauce, also with french fries or rice.