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Reimport - buying a new car in the EU

New EU cars are often available at low prices. Own or re-import, guarantee, warranty and protection against fraud: ADAC lawyers explain what to look out for.

  • Own import: The law of the country of purchase applies

  • The guarantee and service booklet need the stamp of the foreign dealer

  • The equipment of new EU vehicles may vary

New EU cars are often cheaper than cars that were produced for the German market. who Take advantage of price differences should weigh up between buying from a foreign dealer (importing your own) and buying from an importer in Germany.

Danger: The information on this page applies only for imports from EU countries. When buying in a non-EU country, all claims are treated according to the law applicable there.

Hence the low prices

The reason why new EU cars are often cheaper is that the Net prices of cars abroad mostly clearly lower are than in Germany.

If the new vehicle that has not yet been registered is exported, it will fall no national taxes so that only the net price remains. When registering in Germany, this will be 19 percent value added tax due. It is therefore worthwhile to compare the VAT rates in the individual countries. The price differences can be up to 30 percent in individual cases.

As a general rule cheap buying countries for cars are Denmark, the Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Finland, and occasionally Belgium or France.

Own import: purchase abroad

You should know this if you have a car at a dealer want to buy abroad.

Compare equipment before buying

When comparing prices, note any differences in the Furnishing: The model designation does not give a reliable conclusion about the equipment of the car. Compare Brochures and price lists with those of German authorized dealers if you cannot inspect the vehicle yourself.

In any case, the "basic" car corresponds European standards. You don't have to worry about getting a significantly different or "inferior" technique.

Agree on important things in writing

Keep in the sales contract price, Furnishing and Delivery date in writing. It is important that the term "New vehicle" mentioned.

As a rule, this applies to the contract Law of the country of purchase.

Before the signature: Read the contract carefully - including the fine print. Let the content translateif you don't understand, or take someone with you who understands the language.

Handover of the vehicle

Be sure to have the vehicle documents and the purchase invoice that are customary in the country of purchase in the original to hand over. The German registration offices do not accept copies. Insist on the issue of the EU-wide type approval CoC (Certificate of Conformity).

Transfer to Germany

For the transfer to Germany a Export or Transfer indicator be used. However, this is only available in some purchasing countries (e.g. Denmark, the Netherlands) without further ado and with the appropriate insurance. Ask the dealer if they can help you get it.

Transport on one is problem-free pendantbecause this does not require the vehicle to be approved.

German Temporary license plate are basically not for use abroad intended. Agreement on mutual recognition the respective national delivery and test license plates and the corresponding vehicle documents exist with Austria, Italy and Denmark.

Sales tax when importing yourself

If you have bought a new vehicle, you must have the Original invoice at the responsible Tax office submit.

There you have to get the German value added tax pay. The sales tax is derived from the Net purchase price calculated. According to the tax law definition, a vehicle is considered new if it has not driven more than 6000 km or if it was first used no more than six months ago at the time of purchase.

Important information about the new car guarantee

Make sure that the original full warranty documents (service booklet and possibly warranty card) from the foreign authorized dealer stamped and in it the Chassis number of the car and that Handover date entered are.

Precise information on the runtime and the Start of guarantee can be found in the warranty conditions. The warranty coverage of the country in which the car was purchased applies.

Please note that the guarantee often begins at the time the car is first received from the foreign authorized dealer authorized has been.

According to EU law, all authorized workshops of a manufacturer are obliged to Guarantee services also to be performed on vehicles that were bought in another EU country. In the event of a warranty claim, contact an authorized workshop in your area.

Liability for material defects

In addition to the manufacturer's guarantee, there is the legal liability for material defects of the foreign seller: These are legal regulations on the buyer's rights in the event of defects in the purchased item. They are usually based on that Sales law of the countrywhere the car was bought. There may be differences to German law.

You must exercise your rectification rights with your seller abroad assert. This can lead to difficulties, e.g. because of the distance, the foreign language and the foreign legal system.

Volunteers Goodwill services are regularly rejected by most manufacturers for reimported vehicles.


Here you will find basic information for purchasing from a reimport dealer in Germany.

Dealers or intermediaries

It is important to know whether the dealer is acting as an agent or a seller. It depends on whether it is German or foreign law is used.

Dealer mediates sales

In most cases, the German dealer mediates the sale of a re-imported new vehicle.

The sales contract is then concluded between you and the foreign authorized dealer. This usually applies to the sales contract Law of the country of the foreign trader.

Dealer sells himself

If the German dealer sells the re-imported car in their own name, German law applies. You can make claims in the event of defectsUnder German law assert.

Agency agreement

Pay attention to the following with the agency contract:

  • The contract should include the price, delivery date and equipment details written be held.

  • Get written confirmation that Transfer and deployment costs are included in the purchase price and that a EC type approval (CoC) is available for the car.

  • Record in the contract when the vehicle was imported and that it brand new is. If the importer does not provide this confirmation, the vehicle may have already been registered.

  • Pay the purchase price first handing over of the carriage.

  • Do it no deposit. This is particularly risky with EU re-imports because of the many "black sheep" on the market.

Handover by the agent

The seller must give you the German Registration certificate Hand over part 1 and part 2.

If you take over the car without a registration, he must give you the foreign one Original invoice and hand over the foreign vehicle documents. This will allow you to register the car in Germany later.

It is particularly important that you use the Guarantee documents (Service booklet and possibly warranty card) with the stamp of the foreign dealer (with the delivery date there) and entry of the chassis number.

New car guarantee

If the car comes from an EU country, all authorized workshops in the EU are obliged to provide a guarantee if you can present the guarantee certificate and the stamped service booklet.

The Duration of the guarantee is usually two to three years. It is often already running at the time the car is from the foreign dealer approved for the first time or is handed over to the importer - not only with the handover to the buyer in Germany!

After the warranty period has expired, manufacturers usually do not grant any voluntary re-imports Goodwill services.

If the vehicle comes from a non-EU country, the guarantee claims must be made abroad.

When buying a new car, the seller is liable for defects in the new car. All information about your rights

ADAC supports the "Initiative for safer car purchases on the Internet"

Education is the best protection against fraudsters. This is the motto under which ADAC, AutoScout24 and founded the "Safer car purchase initiative on the Internet" initiative ten years ago. The initiative is supported by the police. The aim is to make car buyers and sellers aware of security issues when buying a car on the Internet. On the website of the Initiative Safer Car Buying on the Internet * you can find up-to-date and detailed information about known scams and get help with buying or selling a car on the Internet.

Approval in Germany

For admission in Germany, you must present the following documents to the admissions office:

  • ID card or passport

  • Electronic insurance confirmation from the motor vehicle liability insurer

  • Original purchase invoice or purchase contract

  • Foreign registration papers

  • CoC (EU type approval)

  • SEPA direct debit mandate for collecting vehicle tax

  • Notification for sales tax purposes (form usually available directly from the registration office)

New vehicles for which there is no CoC must be submitted to the technical test center (e.g. TÜV or DEKRA) Individual purchase be demonstrated. Costs depending on the agreement of the technical data: 50 to 150 euros.

You will receive the completed German registration certificate part 1 and part 2 from the registration office.

All information about the German approval process

Register, re-register and de-register cars online

All important information about import and export


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