Who is the richest sports star

The richest athletes in history in the current 2020 ranking

Michael Schuhmacher lies with a fortune of about$ 600 millionin fifth place in the ranking of the richest athletes of all time. Until 2007, “Schumi” earned between 80 and 100 million US dollars annually with his long-standing Ferrari racing team.

Another 50 million US dollars of his income at the time came from advertising deals - among others from Rosbacher and his later team Mercedes. Michael Schuhmacher won the Formula 1 world championship title seven times.

He is still the most successful Formula 1 driver of all time. In 2013 he withdrew from the public after a skiing accident

4th place: Earvin "Magic" Johnson Junior (USA)

"Magic" Johnson is considered one of the best basketball players. With a fortune of$ 600 million makes Johnson the list of the richest athletes of all time. Until 1991 he played exclusively for the Los Angeles Lakers. Meanwhile, the team won the NBA Championships five times. Magic Johnson made about $ 25 million annually. However, he built up a large part of his fortune with investments and as an advertising face.

After his 13-year career, he retired from professional sports due to an HIV infection.

3rd place: Tiger Woods (USA)

With Tiger Woods, another American makes it into the ranking of the richest athletes of all time. He was the first professional golfer to break the $ 100 million mark in prize money for golf tournaments with around $ 120 million.

Thanks to dozens of advertising deals, he now has a fortune in total$ 800 million. During his career he won 82 PGA tours, the most important golf tour in the USA.

In addition, he has so far made 20 confirmed hole-in-ones and led the world rankings for a full 683 weeks. In 2020 he will still be one of the best-paid athletes in the world.

2nd place: Ion Țiriac (Romania)

Probably the most unknown in the top five richest athletes is former tennis and ice hockey player Ion Țiriac from Romania. The now 81-year-old was first a successful ice hockey player. In 1964 he took part in the Olympic Games. In addition, he pursued his second great passion: tennis. This later also became his main sport.

In doubles he reached the Davis Cup final with Romania in 1972 and earned considerable sums of money. He made a name for himself when he was the manager and coach of Boris Becker.

Yet his fortune of about$ 1.2 billion he did as an entrepreneur. "I was the first to turn tennis tournaments into real events, where not only athletes and spectators, but also sponsors, TV stations, restaurateurs and sporting goods manufacturers got their money's worth," he told Handelsblatt in 2005. With his company Țiriac Group, he has specialized in various financial sectors. These include real estate, insurance and banks, among others.

1st place: Michael Jordan (USA)

Michael Jordan is a US basketball player who has played for the Chicago Bulls team for the majority of his career. Today he is considered one of the world's best baskeball players of all time. Jordon broke dozens of records in the NBA. These include the most MVP finals records and the highest overall NBA career point average with 30.1 points per game.

Through his work for the Chicago Bulls and with his own brand Jordan, the former shooting star of the NBA has a fortune$ 2.2 billion. Today he is the majority owner of his own basketball team, the Charlotte Hornets. Michael Jordan is currently the richest athlete of all time.

The richest athletes of all time 2020 in the table

placeSurnamecountryCurrent assets
1.Michael JordanUnited States$ 2.2 billion
2.Ion ȚiriacRomania$ 1.2 billion
3.Tiger WoodsUnited States$ 800 million
4.Earvin Johnson JuniorUnited States$ 600 million
5.Michael sSchumacherGermany$ 600 million
A total of--$ 5.4 billion

Source: Groovewallet