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Light the fireplace - step by step

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If you follow these step-by-step instructions and observe some helpful tips, you will be able to light your stove and fireplace in the future without much effort.

Lighting the fireplace and stove - that's what you need

Have you built a fireplace yourself - or are you the proud owner of a beautiful fireplace? If you want to light your fireplace, you need thin and dry kindling above all. The ideal types of wood spruce or pine wood, which should be very dry, is used for this. Around Making kindling , a log is suitable, which you split with an ax into small and unevenly shaped pieces of wood. The more angular the kindling, the larger the attack surfaces for the fire. You should therefore not attach importance to straight edges or even round kindling. Ideally, you should always keep some kind of kindling in the house, as close as possible to the chimney so that it is really dry. Fireplace or grill lighters can also be helpful when lighting your fireplace.

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The right firewood for a nice open fire

After lighting, you need the right firewood for your fireplace in order to be able to enjoy a beautiful fire for a long time. While softwood is ideal for lighting the fireplace, hardwood is better for a long firing result . In addition, hardwood burns cleaner and leaves less residue than softwood. Beech and birch in particular are popular because of their attractive flame pattern, pleasant smell and how long they burn. The Residual moisture should not exceed 20 percent so that the wood burns easily without smoking. There are special firewood shelves or storerooms for proper wood storage.

Lighting a fireplace step by step