How are rapists supposed to be killed?

Woman raped, killed, burned in India - four arrests

A young vet in India has been raped, killed and burned. Four men were arrested. Protesters are calling for the death penalty.

Police in India arrested four men after raping a young vet with a fatal outcome. They are accused of raping and killing the 27-year-old, the police said on Friday. A passerby discovered the charred remains of the woman near Hyderabad on Thursday. The suspects are men between 20 and 30 years old and have worked as truck drivers and cleaners, it said. In front of the police station where the alleged perpetrators are housed, more than 100 demonstrators called for "immediate justice" and the death penalty for the men.

According to the police, the young vet disappeared on Wednesday evening at a toll station near the megacity where she parked her scooter. The men had offered the woman to help repair her scooter. After taking their victim to a remote location, the alleged perpetrators are said to have raped and killed them there. They are then said to have transported the body to an underpass about 25 kilometers away and set it on fire.

In India there have been repeated cases of sexual violence against women and children in recent years, which have also caused international consternation. In 2012, a student on a bus in Delhi was raped by several men and injured so badly that she died. This case had led to great outrage and stricter laws in the country.