Is Java coding easier than C.

Which programming language is used for what? (Video)

Java, Kotlin, C, C ++, Javascript and so on. There are over 1000 different programming languages ​​and new ones are added every week. If you are currently learning to program, these many different languages ​​can be quite overwhelming. You might be wondering what areas are actually programmed in. And what programming language is used for what. In this video we answer exactly these questions in a simple and understandable way.

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In this article we will show you which programming languages ​​are used for which areas and which are particularly suitable. We will take a closer look at the following areas of application:

  • Embedded Systems
  • Game programming
  • Mobile apps
  • Desktop programs
  • Web development

Embedded Systems

Embedded systems are computers that are embedded in a technical context. You can find them, for example, in your washing machine and refrigerator, on airplanes and in cars, in televisions and medical technology devices. In these devices, there are usually restrictions, such as limited space. With a clock, for example, the computer has to be very small and not consume a lot of electricity. On the other hand, there is great price pressure on other machines. The computer in the washing machine shouldn't cost 1000 €, but should be as cheap as possible. Computers in airplanes have completely different requirements. They have to calculate as quickly as possible, but still be extremely robust, as they have to withstand cosmic rays, for example. Because of all these limitations, the computer must be used optimally. Programming languages ​​that can do this and are used here are above all C and C ++.

Game programming

The next area we will look at is game programming. Computer games are developed for PCs, game consoles and smartphones. As with embedded systems, the hardware must be used optimally in game programming. Modern computer games are extremely resource-intensive. This means that 3D representations and visual effects such as explosions, all-round views and reflections in the water require a lot of computing power. In addition, speed is paramount when playing games. It's no fun when things are constantly jerky and not running smoothly. Mostly it is used in game programming C and C ++ used

C and C ++ are fast programming languages ​​that can make the most of the computer. The disadvantage of these languages ​​is that they are rather complicated to program because they are more computer-oriented than people-oriented.

Mobile apps

Next, we'll look at mobile apps. WhatsApp, Snapseet, Netflix, Youtube, Facebook, Tinder and so on. If you have an Android smartphone, the apps on it probably came with it Kotlin or Java programmed. With an iPhone, your apps came with Swift or Objective-C programmed. Why is C or C ++ not used here? The advantage of languages ​​like Java is that they are much more comfortable and easier to program than C. They are more people-oriented than computer-oriented. You don't have to worry about details like memory management and it's harder to build security holes than in C or C ++. A disadvantage compared to C is that these languages ​​usually require more memory. They are also slower, although the speed in apps mostly plays a subordinate role.

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Desktop programs

Of course, desktop programs also have to be programmed. You have tons of programs on your PC or laptop that run under Windows, Linux or MacOS. These programs are often used with C #, Java, Swift, Kotlin, C, C ++ or Python programmed. With desktop programs, the choice of language is often up to the programmer and it all depends on which program you are writing. A Photoshop program is resource intensive and you would probably rather write it in C or C ++. A diary program, on the other hand, does not need a lot of computing power and could be written in almost any language, such as Kotlin, Java, or Python.

For programs that only need to run on Windows, the language C # often used because it is particularly well integrated with Windows. However, these programs will not work on MacOS or Linux. It is similar with Swift and Objective-Cwhich are used exclusively for MacOS. A special feature of Kotlin and Java is that the same code can be used on all operating systems such as Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Write once, run everywhere

Motto of Java


Another area of ​​application for programming is the web. That's a pretty big area when you consider how many websites there are already. In 2018 there were 1.24 billion websites around the world. In addition, more and more apps can be found directly on the web, such as Google Maps.

When we talk about programming languages ​​in web development, we have to distinguish between frontend and backend. Frontend is what you see on your screen, the website. This is usually done with HTML, CSS and Javascript programmed. The browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari gets the code in these programming languages ​​from the server. The software that runs on the server is known as the backend. The backend stores and manages data. In principle, the backend can be programmed in any language. Mostly languages ​​like Java, PHP, Python, Go, Ruby, Javascript and Kotlin for use.

There are, of course, numerous other programming languages ​​and areas of application that we have not discussed now, such as databases. But you can already see that there are many different areas in programming and even more programming languages. If you are just starting to learn programming, codefuchs is the right place for you. We regularly put new articles online and accompany you on your way to becoming a programming professional.