Do you still hear One Direction?

Interview # 1

I have questions from the lovely girls DianaaDisney and Smartie07 to get

Then let's start ...

Questions from DianaaDisney :

1. Do you listen to other bands besides 1D?
1. Yes, I am listening to 5 Seconds Of Summer; Twenty One Pilots; Queen and yes ...

2. What are your favorite songs?

2. General: Jack Jones ft. Demi Lovato Instruction
From 1D: If I Could Fly

3. Do you watch series, if so what is your favorite series?

3. Yes, I watch series and right now is my favorite series Criminal Minds :)

4. Do you like reading books, if so what is your favorite book?

4. I also like to read, yes. My current favorite books are "Magic Girls by Arold Fluch" and "Here am I by Dirk Weber"

5. Which school subject do you dislike at all?

5. I don't like history and math at all.

6. What are your hobbies?

6. I enjoy learning languages, doing gymnastics and dancing, and play the piano, drums and flute. I also jump in the trampoline gymnastics club.

7. Do you have any siblings?

7. Yes, namely 5. One big brother, the rest is younger than me.

8. What is your most embarrassing experience?

8. At school, the M & J changing rooms are opposite in the gym, which is why we share a toilet there. We had to shower, then a classmate came and saw some girls (and me) naked. XD (Explanation: If you go to the shared toilet, you can look freely into the girls' showers, kp why)

I hope I was able to answer your questions, and now to you Smartie07

1. Do you prefer fried eggs or boiled eggs?

1. I prefer fried eggs * - *

2. How do you like "Just Like You" by Louis Tomlinson?

2. I have to say that I liked this song very quickly because it is a very beautiful song.

3. Who do you like the 2nd most of 1D?

3rd So nobody tops my Nialler, but I think Lou is my 2nd favorite, kp why.

Hope that I was able to answer your questions and yeah ... keep asking questions, then there's a 2nd interview! I love you guys