What keeps you awake at night alone

How to stay awake after an all-nighter

Sometimes it just gets late. Very late. Because sometimes a night shift just has to be to complete the important project, solve a problem, or study for a test. You can find out here how you can start the day fit in spite of a good night's sleep.

9 tips to get you going after an all-nighter

First of all, the most important tip: All-Nighter should always be an exception and don't become a habit. Because sleep is For yours physical and mental performance essential, not to mention the negativeEffects of sleep deprivation on yours health.

Among other things your Metabolism messed up, yours Digestion is no longer working properly, your body pours increased the Stress hormone cortisol from and the Blood pressure rises at. Therefore: never underestimate the importance of a restful, adequate sleep!

If you've turned night into day anyway or if you have a job where you often have no other choice, you can do yours Sleep deficit by a couple Balance tricks and aids. After all, despite being deprived of your night's sleep, you want to perform fully the next day:

1. Drink water

Water is that Elixir of life and keeps everything in the right place in the body Flow. Therefore support him with one Extra supply of water or tea. The fluid transports nutrients better to the organs and brain - exactly what you need to stay awake.

Because through the night gone through is your Body dehydrated. How so? Simply because you use significantly less fluids while sleeping than when you are awake and active. So replenish your reserves so that your brain remains efficient.

Maybe even help you Electrolytesthat you add to the water in the form of some Himalayan salt. You can the Boost adrenaline productionwhich on the one hand makes you fit and on the other hand balances the stress that is triggered by the lack of sleep in the body.

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2. Caffeine

Yes, of course, a cup of coffee will also help you to get going and to push the tiredness aside a little. However, small doses of around 50 to 100 mg of caffeine spread over the day make more sense than a pot of coffee in the morning.

A Bullet Proof Coffee gives you for example not only the caffeine-Kick, but delivers to you through the included MCT oil that too Brain foodthat you urgently need after a sleepless night.

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3. Sunlight

You know the effect only too well: The sun shines, are you right away more active, more alert and energetic than in cloudy weather. Therefore, go into the sun after a good night and recharge your batteries with the light.

Sunlight regulates the Melatonin-Production that by the Lack of sleep muddled device. Just 20 minutes of sunlight can make you forget the previous night - or at least make it more bearable until you can finally catch up on your sleep.

Well, sometimes the sun may not shine after your all-nighter. Then it can help to find you under a white 500 watt halogen lamp to put because the light has a similar frequency spectrum as that the Sun.

4. Movement

So that your Circulation in swing comes is Move the best means. Go for a walk, maybe jog for a quarter of an hour or ride your bike.

The small sports unit increases body temperature, the Oxygen from the fresh airprovided yours Organs and your brain. In a 2011 study on rats, scientists confirmed that light exercise counteracts sleep deprivation [1].

Above all, this allows Sequelae such as oxidative stress and Prevents anxiety become. But please don't overdo it with the sport! Your body is still under stress because it has been deprived of its sleep. Physical excellence would be accurate after an all-nighter the wrong.

5. Diet

You as Biohacker knows of course that a vital substance-rich nutrition the Basis for optimal performance is. After an all-nighter, however, it is even more important to supply the body with good nutrients so that it can better survive the state of emergency.

Energy food should be on the schedule, and already for breakfast. Vegetables and sweet potato are ideal suppliers of nutrients.

Dispense you should, however on sugar and starchy products. They just make you sluggish. food with a low glycemic index are ideal.

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Proteins will help you tooto get through the day awake. The protein supply produces orexin, a neurotransmitter that influences the Sleep rhythm Has.

This effect was confirmed by a study from 2007 in which sleep-deprived rhesus monkeys were administered orexin via a nasal spray [2]. They were able to carry out subsequent tests much better and showed increased brain activity.

To your Boost brain power, you can also use the ketogenicEnergy from MCT oils (e.g. ROCKET C8) use. You are one of the most effective energy sources and can be implemented directly by the body, without thereby the Affecting blood sugar levels. Coconut oil is one of the most important suppliers of the readily available fatty acids that competitive athletes have been using for years.

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6. Use the power of plants

Nature has some remedies ready that give you an energy boost for your memory performance despite tiredness. ginseng is one of those natural boosters that has been used in Asia as a remedy for chronic fatigue and stress for thousands of years.

Ginkgo biloba and Brahmi are also among the power plants. They support the brain and help you stay focused despite a lack of sleep.

The memory-promoting effect of the combination of ginseng and ginkgo biloba was scientifically investigated in a study by the University of Northumbria, which even showed that the administration of ginseng or ginkgo alone already has a major effect on cognitive abilities [3].

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7. Gut bacteria

When you go through a night your digestion suffers underneath. Because that Gastrointestinal system is quite sensitive and reacts to small changes in the biorhythm. You will already notice this when you are jet lagged, when the time is changed every six months or when there are small deviations in your normal wake-sleep rhythm.

When sleep deprived, they produce bacteria the stressful situation increases toxins, which can lead to abdominal pain, flatulence and even more fatigue. Therefore, support your intestines in stressful phases!

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8. Go to bed early

Go after an all-nighter, prefer to go to bed earlier in the evening than to take an afternoon nap. It can make you even more tired for the rest of the day than you already are.

Your Biorhythm is anyway get out of whackIt makes little sense to completely confuse him with a power nap in the afternoon if he is not used to it.

For example, if you regularly go to sleep at 10 p.m., then go to bed at 9 p.m. in the evening after you've finished the night.

9. Take a rest

After you have challenged your body the previous night and pushed it to its limit, you should give it the Be sure to give yourself enough rest for the next few daysso that the Recharge the batteries can.

A night through will haunt you for a long time, because your body won't cope with the sleep deficit that quickly.

A study by the University of Chicago found that the cortisol level does not rise until the second day after a sleepless night [4]. An all-nighter is really hard work for the body and then needs a sufficient regeneration phase.

Take home message: All-nighter shouldn't become a habit. If you can't avoid it, support your body with a few tricks to get through the day awake and productive. Drinking water, eating vegetables, exercise and the sun are just a few easy hacks that you can use.

10. Conclusion

An all-nighter is not for the faint of heart. For your body, being through means an absolute state of emergency and extreme stress. That's why you should only allow it to happen in rare exceptional cases.

With the tricks described here you can make the day after the all-nighter a little easier. In order not to completely unbalance your biorhythm, do without a power nap and instead just go to bed earlier in the evening.

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