Requires personalized learning technology K 12

The digital school

  • Innovative down to the last detail

      Educational institutions fit for the future

      Today's digital world offers students the opportunity to analyze, act, and learn in a highly personalized way. When teachers and students collaborate in the learning process of elementary and secondary schools and use technology wisely, the learning experiences can challenge, engage and inspire all learners.

      Support for this comes on the one hand from the state through the DigitalPakt Schule, on the other hand from strong partners.

      Our portfolio offers the necessary breadth of solutions and flexibility. Schools in 180 countries rely on Dell Technologies and its experience in setting up server and storage infrastructures, networks including radio networks, in managing complex IT landscapes, in setting up cloud systems, but also in the operation and support of end devices such as notebooks, PCs and tablets as well as the necessary security technology.

    • Many schools are faced with important tasks for their own future that are new and very demanding for them.

      These requirements can best be met with partners who can offer the necessary expertise and experience, the right solution portfolio and perfect advice. Thanks to many successful projects in schools, we as Dell Technologies and our partners can advise, accompany and actively support you in all future-oriented changes.

Innovative down to the last detail