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Dubious job offers lure you into the fraud trap

Beware: Internet fraud trap. For a few weeks now, a criminal Eastern European organization has been bombarding Internet and email users with seemingly harmless job offers. But the consequences can be catastrophic for their victims - legally and financially


It is illegal money laundering
Front companies transfer large amounts
Judges do not know leniency
Over 100,000 dubious job offers
What can you do to protect yourself?
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Both the subject line “job offer” and the addressee sound harmless. A well-known company, for example the "Heidt Group", "Solar-International Ltd." or "European Logistic Union" is looking for new employees via email. We are looking for operations managers, project coordinators, sales representatives, financial agents or remote assistants to name just a few of the many examples. Even the cover letter sounds serious, but the job requirements are rather low. Once the interest of the person emailed is aroused, they are almost caught in the fraud trap. Because what this criminal organization has to offer seems very lucrative at first glance!

It is illegal money laundering

If you enter into a professional relationship with one of these bogus companies, the first thing you do is transfer a large amount to your own account. You can then keep 10 to 20 percent of this as a commission, the rest is passed on via cash transfer. And that is nothing more than illegal money laundering!

Front companies transfer large amounts

Axel Gronen, consultant and expert on internet tricks and the author of the website www.wortfilter.de, knows the lousy fraudsters of this and other organizations very well. And he knows what consequences these dubious offers can have.

“Usually you have to spend money first and then earn something. In these cases it is exactly the other way around. First you get money from the bogus companies transferred to the account, and in the end you don't have to do more than transfer part of it. A lot of people are ready to take risks, ”he explains.

The amounts are in the order of 4,000 to 15,000 euros. The money comes mainly from two sources of income: from online accounts that have been cleared by phishing emails or from online sales where the customer has to pay in advance but then never gets their goods delivered.

Judges do not know leniency

In order to launder this illegal money in, the "new employees" with their account details are used as middlemen. Using a cash transfer service such as "Western Union" or "MoneyGram", they send most of the money back to the people behind them, who can then never be identified. The Federal Criminal Police Office therefore sees the middleman as a member of a money laundering organization and is therefore subject to criminal prosecution.

“The real backers cannot be found. But if, for example, a victim of online banking fraud notices the damage and reports it, the middleman can be found quickly using his or her bank details. And the courts deal strictly with the money launderers recruited by the fraudsters, ”explains Axel Gronen. “In addition to the criminal law consequences, there is also civil trouble.

The middlemen must reimburse all funds transferred to the victims of the fraud. So also the part that you forwarded via cash transfer. And that can mean total financial ruin. By the way, nobody can hope for leniency. The judges assume that everyone who takes part in such a transaction must know that it is fraud! "

Over 100,000 dubious job offers were sent

The email addresses are very easy to get. For just under $ 200 you can order CDs with a million addresses on the Internet. Gronen believes that at least 100,000 of the dubious job offers have been sent so far. After a warning was published on his website, he received 40,000 emails back from users who had already received such an email request.

What can you do to protect yourself?

In order to protect himself from dubious offers, money laundering scams, phising attacks or similar things, there are mainly three measures for him.

  • Never take an unsolicited email seriously. Not a single reputable company will send an email without a request. Mostly they are fraudsters.
  • Offers such as penis enlargement, cheap Viagra tablets, sexy pictures or allegedly millions of lucky amounts of a foreign lottery should be avoided as much as possible and immediately deleted unopened.
  • If the sender is unknown, also stay away from this email. Even if it is sometimes difficult out of pure curiosity. And if you receive an email with an invoice as an attachment for a product or service that you have never requested, under no circumstances should you open the attachment with the allegedly detailed invoice. It is very likely that this is a virus that enables the sender to control your computer externally, for example during online banking. And that can have expensive consequences! "

Further information and the list of potentially dubious company addresses can be found under the following link:


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