Why shouldn't I go to Delhi

Welcome to the website of the Federal Foreign Office

Due to a German public holiday, the embassy and consulates will be closed on Monday, May 24, 2021.

The Federal Republic of Germany has declared India an area with a particularly high risk of infection (virus variant area) with effect from April 26, 2021.

Entry into Germany is therefore no longer possible for people who have been in India in the last 10 days.

For this reason, transport and entry to Germany for study purposes or to take up work are unfortunately also temporarily not possible in this context.
According to Section 10 (2) CoronaEinreiseV, there are only the following - narrow - exceptions to the general ban on transport:

1. German citizens
2. Citizens of member states of the European Union or Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein or Iceland who are resident in Germany
3. Third-country nationals with residence in Germany and an existing right of residence in Germany
4. Life companions from the same household and members of the core family of the persons named under 1-3 above.
The core family includes spouses, registered partners, minor children and parents of minor children.
Passports can be submitted to VFS in Delhi on Mondays and Thursdays for family reunification visas.
5. Transit passengers: people who only change in a transit area of ​​a commercial airport in Germany (without entering Germany). Air passengers in transit who land at a German airport and want to take a connecting flight within the Schengen area Not covered by this exception.
6. Transport personnel (mail, freight and empty transports, repatriation of aircraft crews and ship crews)
7. Health workers (doctors, nurses and geriatric nurses including people who travel to Germany for recognition measures for corresponding foreign qualifications) as well as necessary accompanying personnel for air ambulance flights and flights to transport transplant organs
8. Travelers for urgent humanitarian reasons
In particular, there is an urgent humanitarian reason
a. 1st degree relatives (spouses, registered partners, own children or parents) on the occasion of a death in Germany,
b. the birth of one's own child,
c. two close relatives if all custodians of a minor child are absent in Germany,
d. medical treatment, if otherwise considerable damage to health would have to be expected (with a doctor's certificate) as well as an accompanying person,
* Re no. 4: Evidence of existing relationship and shared household:
Please provide evidence of the joint household in India with suitable evidence: rental agreement / proof of ownership for living space in both names, consumption bills (e.g. electricity bill, mobile phone bill) for at least 3 months for both people at the same address.

Registration and Covid-19 test before entering Germany

Since Tuesday, March 30th, 2021, a negative Covid-19 test has been required when entering Germany by air.

The test must be proven to the airline before boarding and must not be older than 72 hours at the time of the planned arrival in Germany. Children under 6 years of age are excluded.

All travelers from Covid 19 risk countries such as India must also register at www.einreiseanmeldung.de before entering Germany.

Travelers from India have to go home immediately after arriving in Germany - or to some other accommodation at the destination - and isolate themselves for 14 days (domestic quarantine).

Note: The quarantine regulations are implemented through statutory ordinances of the federal states. Ultimately, the law of the federal state into which you are entering or in which you are staying is binding.

If you have any questions about the quarantine regulations, it is best to contact the health department at your intended location directly https://tools.rki.de/plztool/.

Travelers can find details of the requirements for the test on the website of the Robert Koch Institute. The test result must be kept for at least ten days after entry.

There are basically no exceptions to the test requirement for entry from virus variant areas.

Violation of registration and quarantine requirements can result in a fine of up to € 25,000.

Due to the worsening pandemic, which also affects the German embassy, ​​the visa section of the New Delhi embassy is closed until further notice. Visa applicants whose appointment has to be canceled will be contacted directly by the German Embassy or VFS Global. For information on the currently limited range of services offered by the consulates general, please visit the website of the respective representation.

We are still available for emergencies for German citizens and for urgent applications for the issuance of German passports.