What is the UI design with personality

Successful UI design: that's important

What determines successful UI design? What is necessary for good UI design? We help you to sharpen your eyes.


Personality is a must in successful UI design. Flat design often tends to be puristic, but you should never forget the personality and the values ​​of the app and the company behind it. Users don't load an app, they load one world on your smartphone.

... they load oneworld on your smartphone

A world to be opened up. What are your values, what are your characteristics? Show rough edges, risk a big mouth and set yourself apart from your competitors. Users love it and jump on personality in a positive way. Professional is someone who stands by his or her personality. Do that too!


Successful UI design also experiences epochs. Skeumorph (imitation of real objects a la wood / shadow / co.) Or flat design? What's trending right now? There are some design trends that cannot be avoided, but making your success dependent on them is critical. There have been cautious “flat” apps for a long time, and that when Skeumorph was just experiencing its high phase. This shows that there is such a thing as timeless design that trends can outlast.

Your app should be successful!

Your app should be successful and therefore you should avoid trends. Although users react positively to trends, this “flash” quickly fades when there are more and more apps that rely on these bells and whistles.


Everyone wants to save costs, that's easy. Making a good app is not that easy for that. A cross-system solution that looks the same on both devices can not only reduce your number of users, it can also damage your business.

Web views are just as dangerous!

Web views in an app container are just as dangerous. In everyday life, users are used to their apps and the associated behavior and UX design. Combined solutions and web views not only behave differently, they usually react more slowly. If the user also receives an app that does not correspond to his system (Android apps in iOS look and vice versa), trust in the brand is quickly lost and users are lost. Invest in different systems and make users happy. Only happy users support your idea.

Successful UI design doesn't get in the way

As a designer, it is tempting to create exciting user interfaces. What can you do there! Especially graphic designers with little sense of usability like to pull out the design club and get all the filters that Photoshop has to offer. What is the price? Users neither understand the interface nor where to go.

Buttons too conspicuous, graphics too bulky ...

Buttons too conspicuous, graphics too bulky: If the UI is in the way, the frustration of the user increases. The same applies here: less is more! Reduce your design to the bare minimum and from there consider: what works here, what can I do? A minimal user interface from a user interface agency can be simple and only draw the user's attention through small animations. This is how you get happy and satisfied customers.

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