Girls don't like it when men wear vests


Even in the womb, our genes determine whether we are born as a boy or as a girl - that is, whether we are born with male or female genitals. Most of them then live their whole life in the role that their body suggests. But there are also people who do not feel comfortable with the gender of their body and want to live differently. They are called transgender - or trans man and trans woman. A trans woman is in a man's body, but feels like a woman and wants to live that way. And a trans man is someone who was born a woman, so physically a woman, but feels like a man. In addition, the term transgender also includes people who do not even want to assign themselves to a gender. You do not feel entirely as a man or entirely as a woman.

Who am I?

Many transgender people already notice in kindergarten or school that they do not feel comfortable in the role of boy or girl. Often times, this feeling becomes stronger during puberty, as the natural gender of the body then becomes more clearly visible. Girls' breasts grow during puberty, their bodies become plump and menstrual periods start - this can be bad when you feel like a boy inside. Boys get a deep voice, broad shoulders and a beard begins to grow - not nice at all, if you'd rather be a girl. Puberty is therefore a difficult time for many transgender people.

Hormone therapy and surgery

Of course, transgender people can just wear the clothes of the opposite sex and feel more like a girl or a boy. Transgender people also have the option of changing their bodies in order to get closer to their desired gender: with hormone therapy or even gender reassignment surgery. Our body produces hormones throughout life. For example, hormones ensure that a girl becomes a woman during puberty and a boy becomes a man. Hormones of the opposite sex can help transgender people look more like the sex they want them to be. A woman who would rather live as a man will then use male hormones to look more like a man. The hormones stop the menstrual period, the voice deepens and the beard begins to grow.

A man who would rather be a woman can take female sex hormones as part of hormone therapy. As a result, the penis and testicles shrink somewhat, a breast grows, and the skin becomes softer. With such hormone therapy, however, the hormones have to be consumed for a lifetime. With gender reassignment surgery, transgender people can get even closer to their perceived gender. For example, the penis and testicles are removed from men who feel like women and a vagina is formed. Women can have their breasts and uterus removed to look more like a man. However, sex reassignment requires many surgeries that can be dangerous.

Change the first name

Before transgender people can take hormones or undergo an operation, however, various doctors and psychologists must first agree - this is what the law in Germany prescribes. This is often a very long and difficult process. The same law also governs how transgender people can change their first name and title. However, this is not that easy: First, two psychologists have to confirm in reports that someone is not comfortable with the sex of their body. These reports are passed on to a court that decides on the change of first name. If the judge agrees, Lukas will become Luise, for example. In the same way, transgender people can have their civil status changed - that is the salutation. A Mr. Miller then becomes a Mrs. Miller. The gender that is stated in the identity card also belongs to the civil status. After a change, for example, there is no longer “male” but “female”. Some people don't like the fact that it is very complicated for transgender people to change their name or gender. It often takes a long time before they are allowed to do that. During this time, transgender people often wait weeks for appointments and have to explain their feelings over and over again. It can be very exhausting.

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