What is HSK

HSK exam
What is the HSK exam?
The Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK - Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi 汉语 水平 考试) is a

  • standardized Chinese language test
  • serves to test the Chinese language skills of Chinese learners
  • is held in certified exam centers in China and around the world
  • offers an HSK certificate after successful completion
  • was conceived and continuously developed by the HSK Center at the Language and Culture University of Beijing
  • is carried out under the supervision of the State Commission for the Chinese Language Skill Test, with the approval of the Chinese Ministry of Education, the HSK Center of the Beijing Language and Culture University and the cooperation with the institutes in Germany
The new examination system from 2010
(Source: www.hanban.org)

I. Structure of the exam
The new HSK exam is a standardized test for Chinese as a foreign language. First and foremost, the competence of the language application is tested. The test consists of a written and an oral part, which are carried out independently of each other. The written exam is divided into six different levels of difficulty, while the oral exam takes the form of a listening comprehension exercise for elementary, intermediate and advanced levels.

Written exam / oral exam

II. Certificate Levels
Various HSK levels and the corresponding levels of "Chinese language skills by non-native speakers" and the "Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning and Teaching (CEF)"

Written exam / oral exam

First stage the HSK exam: simple expressions and sentences should be understood and used.

Second step the HSK exam: everyday situations should be mastered without any problems. The target group for this exam are people who already have a first-class level at the elementary level of Chinese as a foreign language.

Third step the HSK exam: it should be possible to master the contents of familiar situations from the areas of work, school, leisure, etc.

Fourth stage the HSK exam: The candidates are able to hold conversations on various topics in Chinese and to communicate spontaneously and fluently that a conversation with native speakers is possible without great effort.

Fifth stage The HSK exam: Candidates should be able to read Chinese newspapers and magazines, watch Chinese films and give a speech in Chinese.

who the sixth stage Passes the HSK exam, can easily understand practically everything that has been read or heard and express himself spontaneously, very fluently and precisely.

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The benefits of the HSK certificate
As an internationally recognized standard test, the HSK exam has a function similar to the “Test of English as a Foreign Language” (TOEFL) in English or the “Japanese Language Profiency Test” (JLPT) in Japanese. The HSK certificate therefore serves, among other things:

  • Proof of sufficient knowledge of the Chinese language for admission to a specialist course, acquisition of an academic degree and participation in graduate courses at a university in China
  • Requirement for exemption from language courses in China
  • recognized proof of qualification on the labor market
  • objective feedback about your current language level
  • Prerequisite for being recognized as a Chinese interpreter in China (advanced level)
Validity of the certificates
Approx. 2-3 months after taking the exam, the certificates and the attached test result reports will be sent by post from the HSK Center Munich to the individual participants.

The certificate is valid indefinitely, the examination report is valid for two years from the date of the examination.

In the event of loss, no duplicate of the certificate or examination results report can be issued.
during the HSK exam
Only the following may be brought into the examination room:
Identity card
Access pass
Pencil (no ballpoint pen!), Eraser, ruler

Each part of the exam has a time limit. During the specified time, only the relevant part, no other parts, may be processed.

The examination documents are the property of the HSK Center. At the end of the examination, all examination documents are collected and must be available in full.