Why do alcohol and sex belong together?

Sex and alcohol

Sexuality is very much influenced by alcohol. The effects of alcohol, however, are highly dependent on the dose.

Does alcohol consumption have an impact on sexuality?

The blood alcohol level depends on:

  • the amount of alcohol
  • the type of alcohol (e.g. schnapps or wine)
  • in which period was drunk
  • whether they also ate
  • Age
  • gender
  • Weight

How does alcohol work depending on the dose?

Small amounts of alcohol are sexually stimulating. It is well known that alcohol has a disinhibiting effect and thus increases pleasure. In a report in "Sexualmedizin" it is described that small amounts of alcohol increase the testosterone level in women, which is accompanied by an increase in the feeling of pleasure.

Those who want to use the "positive" effects of alcohol, but at the same time do not want to lose any of their sexual energy, should limit their consumption to around 0.5 grams of alcohol per kilogram of body weight. That means z. For example, for a man weighing 75 kilograms, he shouldn't drink two quarters of white wine.

If the amount of alcohol is larger, the pronunciation becomes "cozy". There are slight disturbances in coordination. Sexuality can become more aggressive and reckless. More stimulation is needed to reach orgasm. Sometimes you just get tired and fall asleep prematurely.

Large amounts of alcohol make movements awkward and wobbly. Women and men alike have trouble reaching orgasm at this stage of drunkenness. Erectile function can also suffer. The rule is: the mind is willing, but the body can no longer.

If you drink a lot of alcohol, you will no longer be able to think coherently and be specifically active. Sexuality becomes impossible, maintaining an erection is usually impossible and an orgasm is not achieved.

If one has consumed large amounts of alcohol over a long period of time or has reached the pathological form, i.e. alcoholism, the desire for sex decreases. Sexual performance can even be permanently impaired.

Why does alcohol lead to sexual problems, among other things?

If alcohol is not consumed regularly, the sexual disorders and general physical changes after the blood alcohol level has decreased again.

With constant consumption of alcohol, changes occur in the body that lead to permanent damage. There are personality, brain and nerve changes as well as the known liver damage (cirrhosis), diseases of the heart, etc.

Sexuality becomes a minor matter, and physical performance in sexuality is reduced or no longer exists at all.

Alcohol acts as a neurotoxin and attacks the brain. The physical metabolism changes due to the liver damage, the interplay of the sex hormones is out of balance.

The mental disorder underlying alcoholism can also affect pleasure or potency.

How can sexuality return to normal?

In the case of alcoholism, the disturbed sexuality is only a symptom. The cause needs to be treated. This takes place in the difficult and very long-lasting therapy of alcoholism. First and foremost, the person concerned must understand that they are alcoholic.

Information on therapy can be obtained from Alcoholics Anonymous or from your general practitioner. Alcohol is a drug that is addicting not only to the mind but also to the body. It is therefore advisable to go on a detox regimen after detoxifying the body.

Withdrawal symptoms can be alleviated with medication. Psychological support, which must also include the partner, is the basis for any other therapy. Often times, sexual problems are also resolved when the addiction is successfully treated.

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Dr. Britta B├╝rger

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