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Translation of "two beers" in Portuguese

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You also have more than two beer drank.
To me two beer and buckets of sin, please.
You look like you can two beer need.
Monita, two beer for table four in the corner.
Crab man, two beer, and put one in a bowl, please.
Enough that Kaisa doesn't notice when we are two beer Afford.
Não é muito mas é o suficiente - para bebermos duas cervejas sem que a Kaisa perceba.
He would definitely have a two beer drank with us yesterday.
No. Better give me two Jacks and two beer to.
Erna, two beer and a little water!
Sorry, could one of you guys two beer sell maybe?
Not much, but enough for us two beer can approve without Kaisa noticing.
Não é muito mas é o suficiente - para bebermos duas cervejas sem que a Kaisa perceba.
A pizza, two beer, Melkerull, shoeshine, Pay TV.
Uma piza, duas cervejas, Melkerull, graxa, televisão por subscrição, sabia?
Could I please two beer and have three of those pink eggs out of the big glass?
And I told them, "I think I just had two beer".
Two beer for two weary travelers.
That's how I got the nickname "Two beer Barry ".
Two beer for me and my buddy.
Two beer, and one for my old friend Pig Finn.
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