Sebastian Stan is hot

4. Date night with Seb

Lizzy's point of view:
"See you tomorrow Lizzy" say Laura and hug me "See you tomorrow and don't have too much fun" I say laughing "Lizzy" she says indignantly and I keep laughing and leave. While I'm going down the stairs I meet Chris "Hay Chris" I say "Hay Lizzy" he says and we go further down, Seb is waiting for me in his car. "Hay" I say smiling "Hay" says Seb smiling, me get in the car and Seb drives off to his house. Once there, I ask Seb where the bathroom is so I can change. I'm wearing shorts and a tank top I'm going out of the bathroom and suddenly Sebastian whistles and grins "You look damn hot" says Seb and I blush. Suddenly, Seb starts to take off his t-shirt. "What's this going to be?" I ask a little nervously "Well it's pretty hot here", says Seb with a grin and now only stands in front of me in boxer shorts, I stare at Seb, "So what movie are we watching?" Seb asks me.
I sit down with Seb on the couch and get the film out of my bag and give it to Seb. "Ah Bodyguard I've always wanted to watch that, unfortunately I haven't gotten around to it yet," he says and puts in the DVD. After he has sat down again, Seb puts an arm around me and I snuggle up to his warm chest. About halfway through the film, Seb suddenly starts kissing my neck "You know the film is interesting but you're even more interesting" grins Seb and continues kissing my neck tomorrow I'll definitely have a hickey. Sebastian pushes me on the couch and kisses me gently on the lips. Seb starts kissing my neck again, I gently pull his hair, "How about we continue doing this in the room?" Seb grins at me and I nod, the next moment Seb lifts me up, I wrap my legs around his waist. When I get to the room, Seb puts me on the bed. Sebastian grins at me and we kiss again.
I wake up and notice that Seb is no longer lying next to me, I look at the clock and see that it is already 10 o'clock. I get up and go towards the kitchen where Sebastian makes breakfast and only in boxer shorts, Seb turns around and smiles at me "Good morning" he says "Good morning Seb" I say smiling and sit down at the table. After dinner, Seb and I clear the dishes. We're almost done when Seb wraps his arms around me. "We can clean up later," he growls in my ear, I gasp for air that came unexpectedly. Seb turns me around and kisses me.

2 hours later

Seb and I have got dressed and the dishes that were left are cleared away. Seb is driving me home when I get there I kiss him "See you soon" I say "See you soon" he says with a smile. As I run up the stairs I meet Chris "Hey Chris" I say "Ou Hay Lizzy" he says with a smile, at the top I put my things down first "Hay Lizzy" says Laura with a smile "Hay Laura" I say with a smile, we look at both of us and say "You had sex" at the same time, we stare at each other for a second and then laugh, We watched some movies for the rest of the day.

2 weeks later

Laura's point of view:
Chris and I are now officially together just like Lizzy and Seb.
Seb invited us to eat with him today, but unfortunately the food is burned because Seb is really nervous about tomorrow because tomorrow is the big performance Well Chris is also quite nervous he walks up and down the whole time and it really makes me crazy " Chrissy sits down "I say gently but Chris doesn't listen to me so I get up and stand in front of him" I say and he looks at me "Ou sorry" he says I hug his cheek and caress her "Hey don't be nervous you've been rehearsing for 2 weeks and you've been doing really well "I say and Chris smiles" Thank you Sweetie "says Chris and kisses me" Hey you two dinner is ready "say Lizzy. Lizzy helped Seb with the cooking before something burns. "How about we watch a movie after dinner"? Asks Lizzy and we all agree, after we have tidied up the 4 of us sit together on the couch and watch a movie together, I hope that the two are not so nervous anymore.