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iPhone X from iOS 11.2: Some cases cause blurry photos

Stephan Wiesend

The update to the latest iOS version is said to cause strange problems on some iPhone Plus and iPhone Xs.

EnlargeProtective covers from third-party manufacturers are said to cause problems.

Two components ensure sharp images on newer iPhones: A fast autofocus system and an image stabilizer that prevents camera shake. According to users of the iPhone ticker page, the update to iOS 11.2 appears. causing problems here and influencing one of the two systems. Apparently only users of an iPhone who protect their smartphone with a cover from a third-party manufacturer are affected - not users of an Apple cover. According to user reports, the autofocus of an iPhone X no longer seems to work if the device is still in the protective case. The housing may protrude into the camera image, which interferes with the autofocus. However, the error should not have occurred before the update. However, it is also possible that the image stabilization station system is disturbed by a magnet in the case. This could also lead to blurry images.