What are Enochian calls doing

Enochic - the language of angels

The Enochic language is sometimes referred to as the "Heavenly Language", the "Holy Language" or the "Language of the Angels". It is said that the prophet Enoch (from the Old Testament) mastered this language and communicated in this language with God and the angels. That is why this language is also known as the Enochic language. Enoch recorded this language in a book; However, this book was lost in the Great Flood and it took more than two millennia for all of mankind to learn the Enochic language and its characters through Dr. John Dee and his medium Edward Kelly were transmitted and made available.

Dr. Born in London in 1527, John Dee was a famous mathematician, astrologer and alchemist from a young age. England's Queen Elizabeth I appointed him her court astrologer and personal confidante. John Dee soon realized that the secrets of nature could not be unlocked by scientific methods alone and he therefore sought contact with the higher levels through the medium of Edward Kelly.

The Sigillum Dei Aemeth

In the first spiritual sessions Edward Kelly and John Dee received detailed instructions from the Archangel Uriel on how to make a magical seal, the Sigillum Dei Aemeth. The word "Aemeth" comes from the Hebrew and means "truth". The term Sigillum Dei Aemeth is translated as "seal of divine truth".

In the years that followed, Dee and Kelly used this seal as a gateway to the higher worlds. In the middle of the seal a crystal ball was placed in which the beings that were contacted appeared. The seal was made from pure beeswax. The inscriptions and formulas carved into the seal are extremely complex: in addition to the invocation formulas and several Hebrew names of God, the seal also contains the names of various archangels and planetary angels who were supposed to protect Edward Kelly during the trance sessions. The Sigillum Dei Aemeth also opened the higher planes and stabilized the invoked forces. (The real pentacle and some other magical ritual items used by John Dee and Edward Kelly are on display in the British Museum in London.)
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The Enochian language

In the following sessions, Kelly and Dee were first given the Enochic alphabet and pronunciation by the angels. John Dee's notes are very specific about the pronunciation and accentuation of words. Skeptics have repeatedly claimed that Dee and Kelly made up the language themselves, but research by linguists has shown that the Enochic language is far too complex in structure to be made up on the fly. The language consists of 21 letters and has its own grammar and sentence structure. There are e.g. different endings of the verbs for past, present and future. Some words do not exist in the English language, Kelly and Dee's mother tongue, and therefore had to be paraphrased in English.

John Dee and Edward Kelly worked together for more than seven years. The sessions usually lasted many hours, Edward Kelly spent in a trance while John Dee wrote down the messages. Many of the messages consisted of letters arranged in a rectangle or square. The names and words were then derived from these arrangements. Some words have even been transmitted backwards because the powerful energies they contain can be invoked just by saying the word. *

Dr. John Dee left very extensive records and many of them can be consulted in the library of the British Museum in London on request. The records contain the said square tables, complex Enochic invocation formulas (the so-called Enochic keys), lists of Enochic words, their pronunciation and translation, as well as the names of the angels and beings who can be contacted via the Enochic tablets. The angels and beings have different properties and tasks and can be contacted by a magician accordingly.

The meaning of the traditions of John Dee and Edward Kelly was evident, but they were only records that contained no evidence of practical work with the Enochian angels. The basis for Enochian magic was laid by the two, but nothing more.

Enochic magic in the Golden Dawn

It wasn't until the end of the 19th century, almost 280 years after Dr. John Dee's death, the theoretical knowledge was put into practice. This is mainly thanks to Samuel MacGregor Mathers, who studied the records in the British Museum for years and created a system of practical Enochian magic. MacGregor Mathers was one of the founders of the Golden Dawn, a magical order that was founded in London in 1888 and whose teachings are now used by numerous magical orders and groups around the world. Especially in the teachings of the Inner Order of the Golden Dawn, Enochian magic has a central meaning.

However, practical work with Enochian magic is not possible without knowledge of the Qabalah. Thus, before every Enochian invocation, the Hebrew names of God and the Qabalistic angelic hierarchies must first be invoked. Because the Hebrew formulas correspond to the rule of the divine principle, which stands above everything, while the Enochic formulas of rule are closely connected with the spheres of Aethyr, and thus our earthly world. This closeness of the Enochian angels and beings to the physical world also explains the very direct experiences and immediate results that can result from this type of magical work.

About the nature of the Enochian angels

Numerous types of angels and beings exist on the higher planes. Some of them are archangels, who in turn are superior to other angels. Some angels are assigned to the planets or the signs of the zodiac or the various elements. There are personal guardian angels and angels who have very specific tasks, e.g. B. take over as guardians or inner guides.

The Enochian angels are very different in nature from the qualities most people expect from angels. Her sphere are the planes of Aethyr, which are closely tied to the physical world. Our human notions of negative and positive are not necessarily familiar to the enochic beings and angels and they may sometimes even appear to us as strict or harsh in their nature.

The Enochian tablets in the tradition of the magical system of the Golden Dawn

The core of the Enochic magic, as it is practiced in the Golden Dawn, is made up of four tablets with the Enochic names of numerous angels and other beings. These tablets were given to John Dee and Edward Kelly of the Angel Ave. The tablets correspond to the four elements fire, water, earth and air and they are placed in the four directions of the temple. The spirit stands above these four elements. There is a smaller plaque for this in the Golden Dawn, which is placed on the altar in the center of the temple.

The assignment of the elements to the cardinal points is:
East - air
South - fire
West - water
North - earth

The hierarchies of the tables in the four cardinal directions

The four Enochian tables are structured hierarchically. The individual letter squares on the panels are three-dimensional and consist of flattened pyramids, the side surfaces of which are in turn assigned to various elementary and planetary energies.

The following names result from the horizontal and vertical lines of the individual panels:
- the three secret, holy names of God (three names per table, a total of twelve)
- the name of the Enochian elementary king who rules over the respective element
- the names of the six elders (six elders per board, so a total of 24)
- the names of the angels associated with the Calvary crosses on the tablets
- the names of the angels assigned to the kerubic fields on the tablets

The holy names of God establish the connection between the macrocosm and the microcosm of one's own perception. In the Golden Dawn, these sacred names are invoked by the Hierophant during initiation into the so-called degrees of element (earth, air, water and fire). As soon as this contact is established on the inner levels, the initiate can contact and use these forces at any time in personal, magical work.

The elemental king is always invoked before the elemental forces subordinate to him are contacted. The king also stands for the planet Sun, while the six older ones are assigned to the planets Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Sun, Moon and Mercury.

An adept can therefore contact and use very specific powers with Enochic magic: he / she can, for example, invoke Jupiter from earth by calling Jupiter on the Enochic table of the element earth. Since the four tables are again subdivided into four sub-squares, which also correspond to the four elements, it is also possible to invoke combinations such as earth from fire or air from earth.

However, Enochian magic not only requires advanced knowledge of the magician, but also extensive preparations such as strong banishing and protection rituals. Enochic names should never be invoked alone and without protective precautions, otherwise the forces contacted will be difficult to control. A strict hierarchical approach is important when invoking Enochian angels and beings. Before an enochic force is contacted, the magician must first invoke the corresponding, higher beings and qabalistic divine names, which then keep and direct the enochic energies under control.

Disregarding this rule and deliberately misusing Enochian energies can have disastrous consequences. There are and have been high-ranking initiates who vehemently warn against the use of Enochian magic and these warnings are not unfounded with regard to the careless use of Enochian magic.

Unfortunately, Enochian magic can also be misused for dark purposes. Like everything in our manifested world, Enochian magic also has two sides - a light and a dark side. So it is the magician's responsibility to choose the right side. But with a pure intention and the necessary knowledge, the use of Enochian magic is not only safe, but also extremely efficient.

* At this point I would like to issue a warning: working with enochian forces and invocations is only suitable for advanced learners and should by no means be done lightly and out of curiosity. Without full instruction from a skilled adept, this type of magic should not be practiced. For this reason I would also like to advise against learning Enochian magic from books alone.