What's your favorite standalone novel

The shadow house

The food writer Ava decides to leave Boston for the summer to work in a quiet place on her book, with which she is long behind schedule. You decide on "Brodies Watch", a beautiful house on top of a cliff with a view of the sea. It couldn't be quieter and more perfect. At first she has a bad feeling, as if the house is trying to fight her off, but when she enters the house everything is different and she just wants to stay there and enjoy the time. Switching off from the experiences she had in Boston, thoughts that just haunt her. But she quickly realizes that something is wrong with this house. Strange noises and smells that pop up in between. Her cat Hannibal also reacts to these moments. The fact that the people from the village react with skepticism when they find out where she lives makes her think again a little. And yet she feels comfortable in the house. That doesn't change anything when the ghost of Captain Brodie appears and takes care of her really intensely, promising her that nothing will happen to her in this house. Since she thinks she is going crazy, she gets in touch with Maeve. This is ghost hunter. Actually, Ava just wants confirmation that this spirit really exists. But what Maeve find out is anything but harmless. Also the fact that her previous tenant is missing, nobody knows where she is, doesn't make the whole thing any easier. When a corpse is fished out of the sea, everything seems to get out of hand at Ava. This book is exciting, captivating and arousing curiosity. I found it hard to put it down and just wanted to know what's next, which was Ava's secret. What it all happened and whether the house is really inhabited by a ghost. Tess Gerritsen wrote another great book. I was fascinated by the way Baptain Brodie would have cast a spell over Ava. The shadow house gets 4 butterflies from me.