How Huawei can attack the US

Huawei: USA cannot "beat us to death"

The company's founder, Ren Zhengfei, predicts a drop in sales of around $ 30 billion below forecasts over the next two years. That equates to $ 5 billion this year. This is what the 74-year-old said at a panel discussion entitled "Coffee with Ren" at the company's headquarters in Shenzhen. Also attending were two Americans, investor George Gilder and former Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Nicholas Negroponte.

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Last year, Huawei generated $ 107 billion in sales and increased sales by almost 20 percent. The telecommunications equipment supplier and smartphone manufacturer will emerge stronger from the attacks in a few years, emphasized Ren. "I think there is no way we can be beaten to death."

Huawei is no longer supplied with components, is no longer part of several international organizations and can no longer work with some universities, said the Huawei boss, who previously rarely appeared in public.

"We didn't expect that they would attack us in so many areas"Ren admitted. He expects the business to revive in 2021. Huawei will involve more employees in the core business, said Ren, emphasizing that no mass layoffs are planned in the future.

Ren emphasized that no further spin-offs or sales of parts of the company were planned. Earlier this month it was announced that the majority stake in Huawei Marine Systems, a joint venture with UK Global Marine, would be sold. Hengtong Optic-Electric, a company based in Jiangsu Province, China, is the buyer. He said the decision to sell the stake was made a long time ago and had nothing to do with recent US actions. "It's not a decision we made recently"explained Ren.

With a decree issued on May 15, 2019, US President Donald Trump declared a national emergency for telecommunications. The US Department of Commerce announced that it would stop all business that posed a risk to the US and put Huawei on a black list, the so-called Entity List. Evidence of the alleged security threat was never presented. The arrangement is suspended for 90 days, but Huawei is no longer being supplied with chips from the USA, such as Broadcom.