How am I interested in the résumé

Your cover letter

Templates, tips and tricks

In principle, a cover letter should be precise, concise and in no case longer than 1 page.

Tips for your cover letter

An effective application letter should formally correspond to a business letter and answer three sets of questions.

Do not repeat your résumé, refer to it: "As you can see from my résumé ...".
Go into more detail about relevant work experience and training steps: Explain why they qualify you for the desired position.

As already said, your cover letter should NEVER be longer than 1 page.

Why do you write?

Did you get the job posting through a Friend or acquaintance Experienced? Give the name of the mutual acquaintance, this will spark interest!

Answer a concrete job advertisement? List the medium (online portal, newspaper, ...) and the exact job description. Show enthusiasm!
Provide arguments as to why your qualifications are an ideal match for the job posting.

Compose one initiative application, in other words a letter in which you ask about vacancies on your own initiative? State your ideas and plans in detail: Your application is uninvited, so it is all the more important to arouse interest!

Give reasons why you are interested in the company contacted. Do not give the impression that the company is one of 200 other applications (badly copied résumé, form letter, ...).

What do you have to offer?

When responding to a job posting, refer to the specific requirements of the job posting. State why your qualifications and experience match the job profile exactly.

With an unsolicited application, you should focus more on your potential and your skills than on your own requirements and expectations.
Do some research and show in the letter that you are interested in the company.

Emphasize your accomplishments and problem-solving skills. Show that you understand how to transfer and use your skills and training in real situations.

How are you staying?

Show direct interest in a job interview and indicate that you will inquire by phone within a certain period of time. Then make calls within this period of time.

Even if you don't mention this explicitly, it is often worthwhile to ask by phone. It is important to choose the time: do not call the next day, but also not after more than a week.

If you are applying from a more distant location, you are implying that at one point or another you will be there anyway. (This makes it easier for the employer to invite you for an interview).

Indicate that additional references and information are available upon request. If you have a portfolio or workbook that supports your qualifications, mention that and offer to mail it.