Is a cheeseburger still a hamburger

McDonald's: This is how the fast food chain still makes a profit with hamburgers for one euro

You can argue about the hamburger from McDonald’s. Too dry, too little flavor, some say. For others there is nothing more fulfilling on the way home from the club at five in the morning than the two cardboard bun halves with a slice of beef, ketchup, mustard, pickles and onions. This controversial culinary delight costs one euro in the branch.

One euro - that doesn't look like a lot at first glance. But can it be even cheaper? An invoice should show whether it is possible to produce the hamburger in the home kitchen more cheaply than the American fast food giant in its stores.

The research shows: A burger patty at McDonald’s weighs 45 grams. 400 grams of ground beef cost just under three euros in the discounter. Makes around 34 cents per meatball. Buns are usually available in packages of six or eight for 1.50 euros or 2 euros - a so-called bun costs 25 cents accordingly.

Generosity instead of being greedy for pickles

Pickled cucumbers cost just under 80 cents per jar. McDonald’s is always a bit stingy here when it comes to toppings. There are just two cucumber slices between the bun halves. The only thing that helps here is an estimate: We set five cents per burger - and that's pretty generous. It looks similar with the onion. One kilo costs one euro. An onion weighs an average of 80 grams - that's eight cents per onion. There is an estimated 10 grams on a hamburger, so we put a cent on the bill.

The sauces are still missing. 500 milliliters of ketchup cost around 80 cents - that's just under five cents for our burger. There's a dollop of mustard for the same price. If we add up all the ingredients, a delicious homemade burger costs 75 cents. Even if you add the energy costs involved in frying the patty, the price is still well below one euro.

Critics could now complain that the ingredients cannot be bought in the quantities that are needed for a burger. So for the second bill we take three friends who each eat two burgers. The budget for our six McDonald’s copies is therefore six euros. 300 grams of ground beef cost around two euros, the rolls 1.50 euros, pickles 80 cents, an onion (enough for everyone) eight cents, ketchup and mustard - let's add one euro each time. Makes together: 6.38 euros. In this case we are above the limit.

McDonald’s is enough for cheesy

But it looks different when we make eight burgers. Our variable costs