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Canon EOS: All DSLRs and mirrorless in the test

Canon organizes its SLR cameras in EOS system. The addition D in the model name separates the digital from the analog SLRs. Next to it stand with Ixus and Powershot two model series with digital compact cameras.

The first Canon digital camera of the EOS series was the Canon EOS D30 in 2000. Before that, four Kodak DSLR models had been sold under the name Canon EOS. With the EOS M, Canon was the last major manufacturer to add a mirrorless SLR to its system in 2012, followed by the Canon EOS R in 2018, the first mirrorless full-frame system camera.

A system with three levels

Canon offers an inexpensive start into SLR photography with models such as the EOS 1300D and the EOS 760D. The Entry-level DSLRs come with plastic housing and moderate equipment.

At Mid-range SLRs like the EOS 80D or the EOS 7D Mark II, depending on the model, semi-professional features are added, such as a magnesium housing, an improved autofocus system and more powerful sensors.

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In the Professional class are home to Canon's full-frame cameras. Models like the EOS 5D Mark IV, the EOS 5DS, the EOS 1D X Mark II and the EOS 6D Mark II have, in addition to the more powerful sensors, more robust housings, a second LCD and additional controls. Canon's first mirrorless system cameras with full-frame sensors were also introduced with the Canon EOS R and RP.

Canon EOS in the test

See the list below for the Canon models tested by ColorFoto the EOS range. The product name takes you directly to the test reports.

The tests date from 2007 to the present day. If you want to buy a new camera, you will most likely find it among the latest models. The tests of older camera models are now more interesting for buyers of used cameras. Therefore, the test results of the individual models cannot be directly compared with one another.

We give one for each categoryBuying tip. This achieved the best test result in the ColorFoto test within the corresponding price class.

Note: We have highlighted all SLRs currently still sold by Canon by boldface. However, previous models are still used or available as remaining stock.


Our buying tip: Canon Eos 800D

Middle class

Our tip: Canon 77D

Canon EOS 77D DSLR Digital Camera Housing Body ...

Professional class

Our buying tip: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV SLR digital camera (30.4 MP, ...
2.631,19 €
You save € 367.81 (12%)

EOS M: Mirrorless system cameras (APS-C)

Our tip: Canon EOS M5

EOS R: Mirrorless system cameras (full format)

Our buying tip: Canon EOS R

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For comprehensive purchase advice on DSLRs, read our guide "What to look out for when buying a DSLR". This answers the most important questions from the equipment to the manufacturers. You can find out more about the manufacturer on our Canon topic page.

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