What is the meaning of Sudarshana Homa

Fair children serve fair opportunities

Shiva's story

Shiva is one of the youngest children in the Buddhist Child Home and, together with his brothers Shyam and Sudarshan, keeps the entire orphanage busy. Because this group of little boys - as boys of their age are - causes a lot of chaos. They romp around, play pranks and fight every now and then. However, it is Shiva who is often the first to mediate and the quickest to forgive his brothers. Because he knows that the faster everyone gets along, the faster it can be played again.

Shiva prefers to play soccer with the older siblings in the orphanage or watch television with them. Nevertheless, Shiva also has a very calm side, especially when he sees new and unknown things. He then quietly observes with interest from a safe distance in order to then intuitively do the right thing later. That is why it always surprises its siblings and visitors.

Shiva is a very bright and intelligent boy who brings home the best school grades from the group of little boys.

If you would like to support Shiva and the Buddhist Child Home: For every recommended new customer of the EthikBank, we donate 25 euros to our project partner hamromaya Nepal e.V. Simply send an e-card to your friends, relatives or acquaintances. Thank you very much for your support!