Can sirens be a man

A siren also helps protect you.
You just need to know the meaning of the signals.

Test alarm - so that it works in an emergency.

The siren warning system can only warn the Lipippers if it really works in an emergency.

Therefore, our sirens are tested regularly, maybe a good reminder for you to remember the siren signals. The Lippe district joins the nationwide rhythm and will carry out the test alarms synchronously with the NRW warning day.

The alarms are issued in a nationwide rhythm on the "NRW Warning Day". Alerts in NRW and Lippe are routinely always on second Thursday of March and September carried out on a trial basis. Flyers for this will be displayed in the town halls of the cities and municipalities and in the district hall in Detmold. Further information on the NRW warning day is available at

The test alarm begins at 11:00 am with an "all clear" signal, followed by a "warning" tone at 11:05 am and another "all-clear" signal at 11:10 am.

At the same time, there will be a test alarm via the “Katwarn” warning system, and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia will also send a test warning via the “NINA” warning app (federal emergency information and news app).

In addition to "warning the population", the sirens for the fire brigades are also tested - but the siren signal for warning the population is not given. These tests take place on the 1st Saturday of each month at 12 noon.