How can horror films be improved

Horror Movies Good For Your Health?

As hard as it is to believe, horror films can be very beneficial to health, according to some researchers. However, the benefits depend on how scared you were.

Here's how you can benefit from watching scary movies:

burn calories

A study conducted in the UK in 2012 showed that people who are very scared watching a horror movie can burn up to 184 calories, as much as a 40-minute walk would burn.

Boost immunity

Horror movies can help your immunity. Shortly after watching a movie, blood circulation accelerates and blood pressure rises, increasing the organism's ability to protect itself from unwanted intruders.

Improve your mood

Watching horror movies greatly improves the mood, at least according to sociologists. People feel less anxious, less frustrated, and happier after watching a horror movie.

However, in order to feel the benefits of horror, you need to be scared as you watch it.

It should also not be forgotten that horror films can have lasting effects on children and can traumatize them. No less than 26% of students who took part in a study at the University of Michigan said they had been traumatized in childhood and watched horror movies, which led to permanent fear.