MBA is a great option after the pharmacy

Pharmacist's choice - without agony!

As the financial metropolis of Germany, Frankfurt am Main is almost predestined to impart business knowledge. The House of Pharma & Healthcare offers the MBA course “Master of Pharma Business Administration” in cooperation with the Goethe Business School of the University of Frankfurt.

The Frankfurt program conveys practically relevant basic knowledge about management in the pharmaceutical industry in English. Lecturers from the pharmaceutical industry provide students with practical insights, present innovative management concepts and pass on scientific knowledge along the entire pharmaceutical value chain.

In the first semester, basic knowledge is to be imparted - on accounting and controlling, strategic management and corporate development, financing and organization. The second semester deepens - in so-called concentration courses - the aspects of pricing and innovations, team management, patent and pharmaceutical law. In the third semester, elective courses take place, including on galenic development, pharmaceutical production, quality control, regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance or market access and health economics. The fourth semester provides for the preparation of the master's thesis.

The face-to-face events take place every two weeks for three semesters on Friday afternoons and Saturdays in the House of Finance on the Westend campus of the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. After a further 20 weeks, the program ends with the submission of the master's thesis. The coveted MBA title is awarded by both the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Biochemistry, Chemistry and Pharmacy.

High up between the skyscrapers

The program is aimed at "aspiring professionals from the pharmaceutical industry or related fields" who want to qualify for "advanced management tasks". With fees totaling 35,000 euros, it is more likely to target employees of larger companies.