What is a UV pipe liner

The product

D&S-Rohrsanierung has completed its wide range of products with a light-curing pipe liner. It is a multi-layer, corrosion and chemical resistant GFK liner, which is provided with an outer foil and an inner foil. The liner is available in wall thicknesses from 3.0 to 29.6 mm. UP resins according to DIN 18 820 with molding properties according to DIN 16 946-2 are used as reaction resins. UV initiators are added to this.

All materials and the installation process are subject to internal and external monitoring as part of a quality assurance plan. The company thus has all the methods currently in use in which pipe liners are cured either with steam, with water or with UV light.

The area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication

No matter whether round, angular or egg-shaped - the process can be used for defective sewer pipe systems in practically all common pipe cross-sections in a nominal width range from DN 150 to DN 1900 and egg profiles from 200/300 to 1200/1800.

The installation

After installing a sliding film and assembling the so-called packers at the ends of the liner, the pipe liner, soaked in resin at the factory, is pulled into the section to be rehabilitated using a cable winch and then set up with compressed air. The subsequent curing with UV light is completely monitored with a TV camera at the light source. When the liner has cooled down, a milling robot opens existing connection lines. After the required leak test, the line section can usually be put back into operation on the same working day. The result is a form-fitting, tight pipe lining.

The advantages

The advantages of the trenchless method begin with the implementation of the renovation: excavations are no longer necessary, and obstruction for residents, pedestrians and road traffic is limited.

The quick construction process is just as impressive as the high flexibility in terms of profiles and nominal widths. The finished product is characterized by high resistance to chemical and mechanical loads, a long service life and excellent hydraulic properties.


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