Why is magick not an everyday thing

The magic of "Magic Cleaning"

To call this article a book recommendation would be an understatement. I am describing to you today how I got to the book Magic cleaning came from Marie Kondo and what an impressive effect it has on me!

Once again completely overloaded - too many tasks, too many expectations, too much (own) pressure, this time I started the autumn break. Husband and children are busy in the playground and under the pretext of going to the bakery for a short time, I managed to spend 15 minutes without family. With the bag of alibi rolls in hand, I passed a small bookstore on the way back. Not a big chain of stores, but a real little bookstore to browse through. As always, I wandered straight to the business books, which for some reason are often right next to the personal development books. Since I only had about 7 minutes left, I quickly scanned the shelf and got stuck on the title “Magic Cleaning”.

With the word "Magic" you always get me :-)

The following two sentences on the spine made the book with the promising title even more tempting:

And the effects that “Magic Cleaning” actually has on our thinking and our personalities are even more astonishing. The general attack on everyday chaos makes us self-confident, satisfied, balanced people.

Ok, confidence isn't my problem, however more balanced I would like to be.

BUT NOT NOW - the children were waiting for their rolls and the man was probably already waiting impatiently for me in the playground. And even if € 10.00 is not a price for a good book, I can't buy new books all the time - in the long run it gets really expensive. So the book went back to the shelf for now.

New day, new excursion - to Karl's Erdbeerhof. And here, too, I secured my 15 minutes break from the family and was in the back “in the shop” rummaging a little. Between the many great children's and cookbooks there was a new, very small shelf with the label: DONATIONS. In it maybe 10 books and a mini-sign: "Karl's doubles the selling price and donates the money for a good cause". Which one I don't remember, however, then my attention was already with THE BOOK. There it was again. Magic Cleaning - for € 2.00. Money saved AND spent for a good cause - what more do I want?

Day 3 of the Magic Cleaning story: An admin from a Facebook group, whom I really appreciate, recommended exactly "my" book and gave it to us with the words: "It changes your life" recommended.

The universe didn't need to send me any more hints. The book wanted to be read by me and urgently.

I had been facing the problem for a long time that I knew that I was Less have to do, just what less of it was not entirely clear to me. Everything is always important and I can't leave anything behind - at least that's my opinion.

Back to the contents of the book. Marie Kondo's method comprises only two points:

1. We can only keep what makes us happy - the rest will be disposed of

2. Everything has its place

Because I don't want to text you with private tidying up stories today, I'll get to the point right away: Suddenly it was clear to me how I could solve my dilemma with my countless tasks - I categorize them into three areas:

A) I only do what makes me happy. With and for people who make me happy.

Since the tasks of life are not as easy to dispose of as books or shoes, there are still some

B) If tasks / people cannot be avoided, only as little energy and time is invested as necessary. (If I also manage to see something positive in these tasks / people - all the better!)

C) I don't do anything else anymore and I say NO! To me and to others.

Breakthrough - if I can do it. And I am willing to give it a serious try. Because it can't go on like before.

Oh, and of course I didn't just draw theoretical and personal knowledge from the book - I already filled the first 5 120l bags yesterday. Only with shoes and clothes. Man, there were things there that I never put on again or even never had on. Things that no longer fit me (by the way, not all of them were too small, a few too big :-)). Things I never really liked.

The feeling of parting with things that have long since served their purpose, that you don't (anymore) like, is terrific. Relieving. Indescribable. Try it!

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