Is Rey related to Luke Skywalker

Star Wars: Episode 8-Leak clarifies whether Luke & Rey are related

Skywalker, or is it Skywalker?

byValentin ash burner
Posted June 20, 2016 12:15 pm

Spoiler warning For Star Wars: Episode 8: A potential scene leak may clarify the question of whether Rey (Daisy Ridley) with hatch Skywalker (Mark Hamill) is related to:

  • Luke and Rey are on Luke's exiled planet Ahch-To - Jedi master Yoda is also present
  • Luke tells Rey about the past of the Jedi Orderwho at some point became "arrogant" and sealed his own doom with a hidden "secret".
  • Luke takes Rey's hand and guides her with it Power vision in the past.
  • We watch two children on a strange planet playing around a huge tree. The boy notices that he is near the tree stronger and more powerful becomes - the girl notices that her brother is nearby more impulsive and aggressive becomes.
  • A quarrel breaks out the boy kills the girl. The boy touches the tree and is thereby "changed". He kills his parents and flees the planet.
  • Meanwhile, it is revealed that the girl survived. She is also changed by the tree and uses her power to protect her first Jedi order to found.
  • The girl explains how power can be used for good, but also for bad. She tells her disciples that one day they will be a girl or a boy born again and instructs the Order to teach this child.
  • Luke reports that the Jedi Order has searched for the girl's reincarnation for millennia. Than one though Anakin Skywalker discovered and thought he was the chosen one, the Jedi Order was betrayed and the Clone Wars broke out.
  • Rey's parents are shown and Luke Skywalker is not the father.
  • Luke recounts how Rey's abilities were recognized, but she does for reasons not known never reached their destination for their training.
  • Luke presents Rey with a choice, which she makes by sunset has to meet.

The scene goes hand in hand with another leak in which Luke and Rey fight Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren defend - on Ahch-To at sunset.

Whether it's this scene - and thus the confirmation that Luke and Rey not related to each other are - actually creates exactly the same in the finished film remains to be seen.

At the latest by 15th December 2017 we will know more as soon as possible Star Wars: Episode 8 starts in German cinemas.


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