What is the weakness of Amy Klobuchar

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The US presidential primaries in Iowa begin Monday.
An overview of the hottest Democratic candidates:

Joe Biden

  • Unique selling proposition: Vice President, 36 years senator
  • Main Policy: Public Health Insurance Option
  • Strengths: Boomers
  • Weaknesses: Millennials
  • Strategy: Emphasize "eligibility" and any ties to Obama
  • The capital media say: "Old, but he wins against Trump"
  • Coolest supporter: Tom Hanks
  • Trump calls him: "Sleepy Joe"
  • Would be in your family: The grandpa with rusty views, but lovable

The man to beat. Regardless of whether he confused the state in which he was currently campaigning or forgot Obama's name: Joe Biden has so far remained almost unshakably in pole position in the polls. His experience, his closeness to Obama and the public perception as the best candidate against Trump still give him the status of a favorite. Programmatically, Biden does not promise much change: He wants to make himself attractive as a nominee for independents and anti-Trump Republicans. He wins when the turnout is low and the fear of Trump is greater than the desire for change.

Bernie Sanders

  • Unique selling point: independent senator
  • Most important political project: Citizens' insurance "Medicare for All"
  • Strengths: Millennials
  • Weaknesses: Boomers
  • Strategy: Address the young and non-voters
  • This is what the capital's media say: "Too old, too radical, too uncomfortable."
  • Coolest supporter: Cardi B
  • Trump calls him: "Crazy Bernie"
  • It would be in your family: your favorite grandpa, who has remained crazy since 1968

The strongest challenger. Bernie has also coped with a setback such as his heart attack. The Senator from Vermont scores points not with charisma, but with persistence: Bernie's left-wing positions today are almost identical to those in the 1960s. The democratic electorate is now largely on a programmatic line with him, but doubts his eligibility in the duel against Trump. He wins when there is a high turnout and when he throws precisely these concerns overboard, because Bernie's strengths lie in the highly competitive states on the "rustbelt" such as Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Elizabeth Warren

  • Unique selling point: fight for consumer protection
  • Most important political project: wealth tax
  • Strengths: University graduates left of center
  • Weaknesses: Conservative Democrats
  • Strategy: Present comprehensive election programs
  • This is what the capital city media say: “A clever woman. But unpragmatic. "
  • Coolest supporter: Megan Rapinoe
  • Trump calls them: "Pocahontas"
  • Would be in your family: The grandma who knows technology better than you

After Sanders, the second most radical remaining candidate in the field. At the beginning of the election campaign, he scored points with comprehensive programs in social, financial and environmental policy and even led the field in the polls for a short time. Most recently she disappointed the left-wing camp in particular when she broke the quasi-non-aggression pact with Sanders. In the event of Warren's primary victory, Trump would gleefully argue that she had falsely pretended to have indigenous roots for years. She wins if she manages a surprise in the first primary in Iowa and New Hampshire and later reconciles with a possibly severed Sanders.

Pete Buttigieg

  • Unique selling point: young, gay, polyglot
  • Most important political project: climate neutrality 2050
  • Strengths: white, educated seniors
  • Weaknesses: anyone who is not as white as a chalk
  • Strategy: Appear rhetorically like Obama
  • This is what the capital city media say: “Young, fresh, dynamic. And so intelligent! "
  • Coolest supporter: Seth MacFarlane
  • Trump calls him: "Alfred E. Neumann" (cover of MAD magazine)
  • Would be in your family: The cousin who is making a career at McKinsey. Proud of relatives, he's too arrogant for you.

It's paradoxical. Mayor Pete Buttigieg (pronounced: Buudedschedsch) is the youngest candidate at the age of 37 and constantly emphasizes the urgency of a “new generation of leaders” - and yet his election appearances are mostly attended by old people. The left wing is bothered by his opulent fundraising events in wine cellars (#winecavepete), while Afro-Americans criticize his insensitive treatment of their interests as mayor of the city of South Bend. He only wins if his strategy of heaped advertising on Iowa and New Hampshire translates into actual election victories and takes a lot of momentum with him.

Andrew Yang

  • Unique selling point: unconditional basic income
  • Most important political project: unconditional basic income
  • Strengths: Young voters on the west coast
  • Weaknesses: south
  • Strategy: rely on independent media
  • This is what the capital's media say: [Crickets chirping]
  • Coolest supporter: Dave Chappelle
  • Trump calls him: Nothing yet
  • Would be in your family: The cousin with crazy business ideas. The relatives are skeptical, but you like his sense of humor.

Known only as a tech entrepreneur in Silicon Valley before the election campaign, Andrew Yang is now “the one with the unconditional basic income”. With this idea, Yang wants to turn the economy upside down in the course of digitization. His favorite saying: "The opposite of Donald Trump is an Asian-born who likes math!" He wins when the appetite for his ideas is much greater than what the surveys previously recorded.

Amy Klobuchar

  • Unique Selling Proposition: Moderate midwestern woman
  • Main political project: $ 1 billion infrastructure program
  • Strengths: Moderate voters in the Midwest
  • Weaknesses: Left
  • Strategy: Present yourself as the pragmatic candidate
  • This is what the capital's media say: “A pragmatic woman. You can count on her! "
  • Coolest supporter: Jane Fonda
  • Trump calls them: Nothing yet
  • If it were in your family: Your somewhat gruff aunt who works in accounting.

Pragmatic, moderate, hands-on, appeals to voters in the heartland - they could defeat Trump. Says the conservative wing of the party. Boring, hardly inspiring, lacking in ideas, Hillary Clinton 2.0 is what the leftists say. In contrast to the ups and downs of other candidates, she has never made a secret of her moderate demeanor. “I don't have a magic wand, that's not realistic” - this is how she often explains her rejection of comprehensive reforms. She wins if Joe Biden retires early and recommends her. So don't.

Michael Bloomberg

  • Unique selling point: billionaire
  • Most important political project: tighten gun legislation
  • Strengths: New York
  • Weaknesses: The rest of the country
  • Strategy: litter the country with election advertising.
  • This is what the capital's media say: “To be taken seriously! ...cool, more advertising income! "
  • Coolest supporter: Michael Douglas
  • Trump calls him: "Mini Mike"
  • Would be in your family: The super-rich great-uncle whom you see more often in the media than at family celebrations.

Michael Bloomberg, or: How far can I buy myself into an election campaign all by myself? Bloomberg's record as governor of New York is considered very dubious among workers and blacks, a large part of the party electorate. But he has money and his own media empire behind him. He wins if Joe Biden is eliminated early and recommends him. So don't.

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