Port 80 and 8080 are the same

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Originally written by Neo

What is the difference between 80 and 8080 (with the exception of the higher number, of course). It's the same (HHTP) - isn't it?

That is how I see it too.
And a halfway smart firewall should, if you release 80, release 81 and 8080 as well. Of course, with information to the configurator.

My opinion
80 and 8080 are port numbers (there are 65536 of them), HTTP is a protocol designation. This only has to increase with each other insofar as there are so-called "well known" ports for many protocols / server services.

The well-known HTTP port is by definition 80 / TCP, the others (81, 8080 ...) are popular alternative ports / proxy ports but are therefore far from being "official" HTTP ports. I can set up a web server on port 3456, should the FW then simply allow everything or what?

A firewall that automatically opens ports is not a good but a bad firewall. If I set port 80 to be open then I ONLY want to open port 80.

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God, Root, what is difference?