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  1. As expected, Microsoft will offer many Bethesda games as an Xbox subscription after the takeover. But the sheer number is surprising.

    03/12/2021 15 CommentsVideo
  2. Revised textures and shaders: The action classic Doom 3 appears for Playstation VR - as well as five other games.

    04.03.20215 CommentsVideo
  3. From Fallout to The Witcher 3: Modders breathe new life into their favorite games. Sometimes the mods even become stand-alone games.
    By Rainer Sigl

    02.02.202 119 commentsVideo
  4. The community is critical of Denuvo's cheat protection - but it is now part of Steamworks and is likely to be used more frequently.

    01/18/202 111 CommentsVideo
  5. From Playstation 5 to The Last of Us 2 to Cyberpunk 2077: The game year 2020 was an adventure - even the flops!
    By Peter Steinlechner

    12/31/202054 CommentsVideo
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  1. What else happened on December 3rd, 2020 in addition to the big news, in a nutshell.

  2. As soon as Nintendo's mini console Game & Watch is on the market, a hobbyist was able to configure the system for Zelda, Contra and Doom.

  3. A new Doom or Fallout could appear for the Playstation 5 despite the takeover of Bethesda, says Microsoft.

    09/22/202050 CommentsVideo
  4. Doom is now part of Microsoft - it takes some getting used to. The takeover of Bethesda should help the group enormously in the long term.
    An IMHO from Peter Steinlechner

    09/21/20208 CommentsVideo
  5. Doom, The Elder Scrolls and Fallout will belong to Microsoft in the future: The group wants to take over the Bethesda developer studio with all brands.

    09/21/2020182 CommentsVideo
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  1. An official update for Doom and Doom 2 brings innovations such as a widescreen format and motion control.

    04.09.20207 CommentsVideo
  2. The development studio Rocksteady is not working on Superman or Batman - but on Suicide Squad. And id Software is expanding Doom Eternal.

    08/08/20206 CommentsVideo
  3. What else happened on August 7, 2020 in addition to the big news, in a nutshell.

  1. GDC 2020 Doom and Quake co-inventor John Romero spoke about the early days and programming principles of id Software.

    08/06/202058 CommentsVideo
  2. The Denuvo Anti-Cheat kernel driver is removed from Doom Eternal. The software should not be to blame for technical problems.

    05/21/202029 CommentsVideo
  3. When loud guitar riffs sound and the shots crack, the Doomguy is at work again. At such moments, Doom Eternal is an adrenaline-fueled shooting festival. But old series strengths also bring old weaknesses - and some new ones.
    A test by Oliver Nickel

    03/17/202026 CommentsVideo
  1. The next shooting game from id Software requires fast hardware and offers 60 fps on Xbox One and Playstation 4.

    03/11/202097 CommentsVideo
  2. For Doom owners, it is one of the most important updates of the last 27 years: The action game and its immediate successor now run at a frame rate of 60 fps, plus further improvements - also on mobile platforms.

    01/10/202022 CommentsVideo
  3. Doom Eternal won't make hell shake until March 2020 - even later on Switch. Doom 64 is now not only available for the Nintendo console and it can be ordered as a pre-order bonus.

    10/09/20194 CommentsVideo
  1. Doom runs on ATMs, the action game Quake was implemented for oscilloscopes - and now someone has taken care of Civilization: A simple version of the classic strategy is available as a download for Excel.

  2. Classics like Super Mario World and Pilotwings from the SNES, but also Doom 64 and Blizzard's multiplayer spectacle Overwatch will be released for the Nintendo Switch in the coming weeks.

    05.09.201931 CommentsVideo
  3. id Software also sells the older parts of Doom for the PS4, Nintendo Switch and as a native version for the Xbox One. However, the online compulsion makes mobile Switch users unhappy, while owners of the Xbox 360 versions pay twice.

    07/27/201916 CommentsVideo
  1. Tim Willits has been one of the key movers and shakers at id Software for 24 years, and now he's announcing his retirement. The former level designer and studied computer scientist will not reveal what he plans to do in the future until after the Quakecon.

    07/19/2019 12 comments video
  2. Recreate the classics Doom 1 and 2 as true to the original as possible in the Doom 3 engine: That is the goal of a modder who has now released a version that can run alone. The action games from id Software are also attracting a lot of attention - possibly even in the form of a TV series.

    04.07.201912 CommentsVideo
  3. E3 2019 Two contract killers in a time warp, the return of the classic Commander Keen as a mobile game: Bethesda has introduced new games. In addition to Doom Eternal, id Software also presented a special new technology intended for developers and publishers.

    10.06.201917 CommentsVideo
  4. E3 2019 Extremely fast action plus tactical decisions, in addition ingenious graphics and a gloomy atmosphere: Doom Eternal has improved significantly compared to its first-class predecessor, at least when it comes to playing.

    10.06.201944 CommentsVideo
  5. Crazy bandits and mutants drive through the desert in rusty buggies: that's almost everything that Rage 2 has in common with its predecessor. Golem.de has played the shooter and is pleasantly surprised. This is how Mad Max must feel after taking too many stimulants.
    By Oliver Nickel

    01/30/20194 CommentsVideo
  6. Game developer and designer Rich Whitehouse introduced Doomba. The software uses Roomba vacuum robots to create levels for the classic first-person shooter Doom.

    12/27/2018 19 comments video
  7. Around 25 years after the release of Doom, John Romero - one of the level designers at the time - presents a kind of unofficial sequel. The Megawad is to appear free of charge, and there are special editions to buy for fans.

    11.12.201850 commentsVideo
  8. Review of 25 years of Doom and an outlook on the open worlds of Piranha Bytes (Elex): At the Making Games Conference 2018, developers will give a look behind the scenes of the game industry. The conference is aimed at game makers and experts in animation, film and VFX.

  9. The battle royalization of the action game world continues: Now there is also a mod for the classic Doom 2, in which you can fight, as in Fortnite and Pubg, to stay alive as long as possible.

  10. New weapons like the portable ballista and well-known monsters like the arachnotrons: In Doom Eternal, the fight goes into the next round on the destroyed earth. Now the development studio id Software has presented the first details about the gameplay.

    08/11/2018 30 CommentsVideo
  11. E3 2018 In addition to information about Fallout 76, Bethesda introduced a new Doom, another Wolfenstein and two The Elder Scrolls - one of which there was not only applause.
    A report by Peter Steinlechner

    06/11/201846 CommentsVideo
  12. Quo Vadis action games like Doom and Dead Rising 4 contain a lot of violence - but are far from landing on the youth protection index. Why is that so, and why does Wolfenstein 3D have a special role?

    04/26/2018 203 CommentsVideo
  13. Dive into the world of Blade Runner 2049, but also sweaty action from CCP Games (Eve Online) with Sparc and horror in almost total darkness at Stifled: Golem.de has looked at exciting innovations for virtual reality headsets.
    A review by Achim Fehrenbach

    08.12.201718 CommentsVideo
  14. Doom has never been so sporty: The Doom VFR, available for the Playstation VR and HTC Vive virtual reality headsets, uses the player as a Telefrag super cannon. That means a lot of real (head) movement and exciting tactical possibilities.
    By Peter Steinlechner

    12/05/20176 CommentsVideo
  15. Bringing a digital monster slaughter with bloodthirsty, adrenaline-soaked battles to the analog living room table - the new Doom board game shows that such a realization can succeed.
    A test by Achim Fehrenbach

    11/09/201749 CommentsVideo
  16. The range of games for Nintendo's Switch and 3DS is growing. Gamers can now look forward to Doom and Wolfenstein 2 on the Switch or Minecraft on the New 3DS and even play one of them from today.

    09/14/2017 121 CommentsVideo
  17. Boss opponents in Dark Souls that got out of step, especially valuable last pistol bullets and shots that deliberately miss: Developers reveal their dirty and beautiful design tricks on Twitter - there is prompt criticism.

    09/05/201752 CommentsVideo
  18. It is around 35 GB in size - and anyone who bought the Season Pass for 40 euros should be annoyed: Id Software has released the 6.66 update for Doom. It contains the previously paid content and rebuilds the multiplayer mode.

    07/20/20174 CommentsVideo
  19. E3 2017 Wolfenstein and The Evil Within 2 are the highlights that Bethesda presented at its press conference. Dishonored fans can look forward to new sneak adventures.

    06/12/2017 38 CommentsVideo
  20. Tech Summit The next iteration of the id Tech Engine is to use more CPU cores and again the Vulkan API. Id would also like to make use of the FP16 software, but the hardware support apart from the Playstation 4 Pro is still poor.

    04/27/2017 43 CommentsVideo
  21. Tech Summit He would like better technologies for light and shadow as well as CPUs with more cores: Golem.de talked to Billy Khan, Lead Engine Programmer at id Software, about game graphics and the advantages of PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio.
    An interview by Peter Steinlechner and Marc Sauter

    27.04.201717 CommentsVideo
  22. Tech Summit Dynamic lighting effects and the change from OpenGL to Vulkan at Doom: Lead Engine Programmer Billy Khan (id Software) will speak about these and other topics at the Tech Summit from Golem.de.

    04/21/20172 CommentsVideo
  23. Development studio Escalation Studios helped produce Doom and other titles. Now it belongs - like id Software itself - to Zenimax.

    02/01/20174 CommentsVideo
  24. CES 2017 Big changes in the Vega generation: AMD has integrated HBM2 stack memory as a fast cache, new shader units and an improved geometry and rasterizer level. In addition, there is a high FP32 / FP16 performance and the Vega-10 chip proves to be fast in Doom.

    01/05/201779 CommentsVideo
  25. The Vega graphics chip of the upcoming Radeon Instinct MI25 has more than twice the computing speed of a Radeon RX 480 and uses HBM2 as a cache. The name of the card, on the other hand, is derived from the 25 teraflops for deep learning.

    12.12.201695 CommentsVideo
  26. Players in Doom's deathmatch multiplayer mode can now compete against bots, and there are other changes. In addition, the development studio id Software has removed the Denuvo anti-tamper protection from the PC version of the first person shooter.

    12/08/201662 CommentsVideo
  27. In around 300 working hours, a modder created a huge map for Doom 2. Average gamers should need around three hours to find and kill all of the beasts in it.

  28. Speed ​​and a high high score are what count in the new arcade mode, which is now available with the fourth free expansion for Doom. The extensive update also offers additional multiplayer modes and content from previous Doom games for the Snapmap editor.

    10/20/20166 CommentsVideo
  1. The best stupid baller orgy

    The plot is stupid - but who cares: With its fast and simple action, the new Doom does a lot right. A few elements could have been even simpler.

  2. The graphics card trembles in nightmare mode

    Id Software's new Doom has it all: In the PC version, particularly high graphics settings are possible and the id Tech 6 is very configurable. Only the memory hunger remains problematic.

  3. Report from bunny hopping hell

    One demon, two game modes and three classes: the Doom closed beta has ended. Golem.de played a test on the PC and took a look at the graphics options, which are only accessible to a limited extent.

  1. AVM's new top model achieves 1.3 Gbit / s via WLAN

    With the "Fritz! Box 7490", AVM has presented its new top-of-the-range home router. It supports WLAN according to 802.11ac with 1.3 GBit / s. With the Fritzbox 7369 there is also a model that supports VDSL bonding and thus bandwidths of 240 Mbit / s.

  2. Sometimes frustratingly frustrating

    Now it's clear why the Angry Birds are so mad: They played Bad Piggies. The new program from Rovio Entertainment is cleverly made - but far removed from the uncomplicated charm of the main series.
    (Bad Piggies)

  3. Samsung's fastest scratches Intel's SSD records

    Samsung's SSD 840 Pro is to replace the successful 830 series, and it not only offers a lot of speed, but also AES encryption with 256 bits. This is made possible by a new controller that does not come from Sandforce. A quick test.
    (Samsung Ssd 840)

  4. First soundbar with THX certification

    With the Cinebar 51, Teufel claims to be the world's first soundbar with the THX logo. The device, which is sold with a 150 watt subwoofer, offers three digital inputs including USB.

  5. Dolphin HD receives voice sonar control

    The Android browser Dolphin HD has received voice control. The provider calls the function Sonar, with which bookmarks can be opened and search queries can be started. Navigation in websites should also be possible using voice.

  6. Update for Android supports video calling

    The Android version of Skype can now also be used for video calls. Skype 2.0 for Android has also received a redesigned user interface.
    (Skype 2.0 for Android)

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