Where is saffron grown

Crocus sativus

Saffron growing areas

The most important growing areas are where there are the best conditions for the bulbous plant Crocus Sativus. In Iran, 96% of the saffron grown worldwide is cultivated. That corresponds to about 120 tons per year.

India and Greece are in second and third place. In India 6 tons are harvested annually; in Greece about 1.5 tons. Somewhat smaller growing areas with a total of around 1.3 to 1.5 tons of saffron per year are found in Morocco and Spain. Spanish saffron is often touted by spice dealers. Often, however, it is the much more common Iranian saffron. An estimated 10 tons per year are sold under the misnomer "Spanish saffron".

There are also small growing areas with Crocus Sativus in Afghanistan, Turkey, southern France and Italy. In Italy, the growing areas are concentrated in Tuscany, Sardinia and Abruzzo. Austria sells Wachau saffron and Pannonian saffron from its own cultivation. Switzerland is probably the most exotic growing area: In the village of Mund, saffron plants are grown on 2,500 square meters.

The entire village organizes the harvest of the expensive stamp thread. In most of the growing areas outside of Iranian Kashmir, the growing areas have to be irrigated. Precipitation of 1,000 - 1,500 mm, as is prevalent in Kashmir, does not exist in other cultivation areas such as Greece or Spain.