How can I personally afford a gun?

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The permit is usually granted for an unlimited period. It expires if you do not start the approved activity within one year of the granting of the permit. This also applies if you do not carry out the approved activity for a year.

You must keep a gun manufacturing book showing the type and quantity of guns and their whereabouts.

Representation authorization
Do you want to appoint a representative or a person to manage a branch / dependent branch for your weapons trade that requires a license? Then you need a representation permit. This permit is only granted if the representative also has the necessary reliability, personal suitability and specialist knowledge.

Notification requirements
As the holder of a weapons manufacturing license, you must report the following changes to the competent authority within two weeks:

  • the start and cessation of operations as well
  • the opening and closing of a branch or an dependent branch.

When admitting or opening a branch, you must name the persons entrusted with the management of the company or a branch. You must also notify the hiring or departure of a person entrusted with the management of the company or a branch office. In the case of legal persons, the change of a person appointed to represent by law, articles of association or partnership agreement must be reported.