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Baby names: The most beautiful first names with "Y"

Whether you're helping friends choose a name, looking for a name for your own baby, or are expecting a girl or boy - it can be quite a challenge to find the right baby name. So sometimes it can help to hop from first letter to first letter and look for the right name.
In this case the letter Y.

We've compiled a list of unique baby names and everything you need to know about each name - including popular names like Yannick, Yuri, Ylvi, and more. These come from all parts of the world and have very different meanings.

Find the name that fits best

Below are some of our favorites so that you can then choose the right name, regardless of whether it has a deep meaning to you or not.


Origin: French, Breton
Meaning: God is gracious, Yahweh is good


Origin: Russian, Slavic, Japanese
Meaning: Unisex - the farmer, the lily


Origin: Swedish, Scandinavian
Meaning: little she-wolf


Origin: French, Breton, Celtic, Japanese
Meaning: the friendly, the young, the blooming


Origin: Japanese
Meaning: Unisex - the snow


Origin: French
Meaning: the archer


Origin: Israeli, Hebrew
Meaning: the mountain goat, bringing benefit


Origin: Persian
Meaning: the brave, the powerful, small butterfly


Origin: Japanese, Indian
Meaning: unisex - honesty, happiness, child of the chief


Origin: English, Arabic, German
Meaning: the jasmine, symbol of love, purity, order


Origin: Slavic
Meaning: God is gracious / kind


Origin: Scandinavian
Meaning: the farm worker, the farmer

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